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When it comes to food, there are varying opinions, differing on the basis of taste preferences and nutrition content. Most of the time, the right and factual knowledge might not be at one’s disposal at once. Such a lack can potentially lead to a direct effect on your health.

Well, that is when we come in,  foodsfate.com.

We are a media company with an amalgamation of food experts, chefs, and nutrients, based in Chicago, USA. As our team is well-versed in the various fields of the food industry, our articles are only presented to you after thorough research.

Now that you have come to the vicinity of foodsfate.com, it is upon us to make it worth your while!


Our Main Goals

  1. To act as a one-stop destination for our readers who are willing to learn about food and nutrition.
  2. To provide factual and well-researched articles to protect our readers from any potential food-related issue.
  3. To present tried, tested, and helpful nutrition tips and recipes.
  4. To make it easier for our readers to choose products rather than going through the cumbersome research process.
  5. To create an online community of food and nutrition enthusiasts.
  6. To impart scientific-based knowledge about food and nutrition.


Our Article

Once you visit foodsfate.com, you will be introduced to several types of articles, varying in terms of tips, recipes, and recommendations.

If you want a clear idea about the range of articles, the following will be up for grabs on our website:

  1. Food and Recipes
  2. Cooking tips, hacks, and tricks
  3. Food comparisons
  4. Specific recipes for health conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes
  5. Substitutes for food ingredients
  6. Scientific knowledge about fruits and vegetables along with their shelf life
  7. Side dishes for famous recipes and food items
  8. Top recommended kitchen tools
  9. Unbiased features, benefits, and drawbacks of all our recommendations
  10. Practical food fusion ideas

…and many more.


Why Trust US?

Our website is based on facts, nothing else. Our primary objective is to provide the correct and factual knowledge on food and nutrition, and so, we do not believe in compromising quality.

In addition to that, our team is a mix of nutritionists, chefs, food experts, and several other people from the food industry. This ensures that the knowledge imparted on our website is checked, scrutinized, and cross-examined for the best results.


Our Team

Michael A. Antoine senior chef at Foodfate.com

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Michael A. Antoine is a Sr. Chef at one of the leading chains of restaurants in the USA. He might raise hell in his kitchen, but his deep and practical knowledge about food and recipes helps us give you the best and tastiest recipes.


Milburn Adler (Chef)

Milburn Adler (Chef)

Milburn Adler is a food enthusiast and connoisseur of wine. His area of expertise is food fusions and gourmet foods. He lives to experiment with new recipes every day and spends most of his day looking for fresh and exotic fruits and vegetables.


Gina P. Shudnow (Dietitian) (MS, RD, LDN)

Gina P. Shudnow, MS, RD, LDN

Gina P. Shudnow is the brain behind all our scientific research. She is a Registered Dietitian who has been in the field for over ten years. Her nutrition tips have helped several people overcome health issues in the past. She strives to make everybody healthier without compromising on their food diet.


How We Choose the Good Products?

Our product recommendations are not based on the best-selling list. We spent hundreds of hours researching and testing the products before recommending them.

Our detailed reviews include even the most minute features to provide an idea about all the aspects of the product. Furthermore, we emphasize the benefits as well as the drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision about the said product.

We do not intend to hide anything about the products as all our reviews are unbiased. We provide all the possible knowledge and our opinion about the product and leave it up to our readers to make a fair decision.


Medical Disclaimer

Foodsfate.com is an informational website. The content of foodsfate.com is not to be substituted for professional medical advice. In case of a serious medical condition, we suggest you seek professional medical help.


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