Can you Freeze Costco pumpkin pie?

Can you Freeze Costco pumpkin pie?

These Costco 12-inch pumpkin pies have been a staple at every holiday celebration. However, often, we have tons of leftover pies after the party! Don’t feel like discarding them? We got you!

This article describes the best method to freeze and defrost these pies without compromising their quality and getting the most for your money. Since this method has been personally tested in my kitchen, I can assure you it works!

To add value to your time, I have also mentioned an easy way to transform these leftover pies into bite-sized snacks.

Is Freezing Pumpkin Pie a Good Idea?

Pumpkin Pie

The science behind freezing is relatively simple. Freezing suspends spoilage and keeps food safe by stopping microbial growth and reducing the enzyme activity that leads to food decomposition.

At freezing temperatures, the ice begins to crystallize and thus becomes unavailable for bacteria to grow and propagate. Additionally, at such low temperatures, the enzymatic activity is affected, thus preventing food spoilage.

Therefore, freezing food supplies is always encouraged rather than storing them at room temperature, which will induce decay and deterioration.


Can You Freeze Costco Pumpkin Pie?

Costco Pumpkin Pie

These ready-to-eat pies have made their way to our tables for an after-dinner treat or a mid-day snack! I can’t help but buy them in bulk every time I go to Costco to devour them over the days.

Since I stock them, I have found the best way to store them to ensure that they remain fresh without altering their legendary taste.

Many people think that freezing something can alter the taste and ruin the texture of the food item. While that may be true for some food items, this pie can be frozen without compromising its taste and feel.

With that said, you must DO IT RIGHT. Research has claimed that if food is stored correctly, it can retain its nutritional value and help improve the antioxidant effect. 

Let’s dive further into the article to learn the best way to freeze these pumpkin beauties.


How Long Can I Freeze a Costco Pumpkin Pie?


These pies can last in your freezer for 6 weeks if stored correctly. However, I recommend you try to consume them within 4 weeks to enjoy the unaltered taste and the unique crunch.

Freezing baked goods for more than 4 weeks results in slow deterioration that can change the overall appeal of the food item. Since these pies are pre-baked, they cannot be stored for months.


How to Freeze Costco Pumpkin Pie?

There is always a correct method to freeze any food item. Listed below are tips that will guide you to freeze these pies.



Tip 1: Store in Aluminium Pans

Costco pies come in a sturdy container that is sealed well. However, it is better to freeze pies in aluminum foils.

Aluminum foils speed up the process of freezing. According to the US Department of Agriculture, aluminum foil is one of the safest and most affordable ways to freeze food and prevent freeze burns.

Aluminum foil is an excellent choice for secure wrapping in the freezer because it resists moisture and will not crack when stored at low temperatures.


Tip 2: Cool it Down


It is fairly apparent that freezing should be done once the food item is at room temperature; however, we tend to miss this. If you end up freezing a steaming pie, all that moisture will get trapped and make the pie crust mushy and soft. No one deserves that!

Hence, you may want to double-check if the pie is at the proper temperature to be frozen.


Tip 3: Cut the pie into pieces

You are wondering why I would do that. Well, it is to avoid the repeated freezing and thawing process. If the pie is cut into sections before freezing, you can take individual sections out to thaw instead of reheating the entire pie.

If you freeze the whole pie, the entire container must be thawed. Cutting the pumpkin pie into small potions helps maintain the intense taste of these pies if you don’t intend to eat them in one sitting.


Tip 4: Add in those layers

To freeze the pie effectively, it should be protected from excess moisture and unpleasant odor. A tight seal with multiple layers of plastic wrap is the best way to avoid these problems.

The first layer of plastic acts as a protective shield and prevents any damage to the pie physically. The second layer of plastic helps in keeping these pies safe from absorbing random odors.

It helps to keep the pie and the crust fresh and safe from freeze burns. Freeze burns can severely affect the texture and taste of frozen food items.


How to Defrost Costco Pumpkin Pie?

Wondering why your pumpkin pie is still soggy post-thawing even if it is frozen appropriately. Well, the issue here is not freezing but the process of defrosting.

Just like freezing, it is imperative to thaw these pies systematically to ensure they retain their crunch and taste.

Let me help you understand how to thaw these Costco orange beauties.

As a thumb rule, remember that it takes at least 12 to 14 hours for any pies to thaw out after freezing. Hence, you may want to take it out of the freezer at least a day before you intend to eat it.

An abrupt rise in temperature will lead to condensation due to the ice crystals melting. It will get absorbed by both the crust and the pumpkin custard filling, resulting in a sloppy crust and tasteless filling. So how should we go about it?

After removing the pumpkin pies from the freezer, unwrap the plastic and the lid. Place them in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. Since the temperature change will not be steep, condensation will be minimal.

Once the pies are perfectly thawed, you can take them out and store them at room temperature. Before serving the pie, ensure the entire pie is thawed uniformly, so there are no cold spots.

Often, you may notice random blotches after thawing. However, I assure you it will not impact the taste. However, if you think it affects the presentation, you can cover it up with whipping cream or icy frostings.


Can I Freeze Costco Pumpkin Pie Filling?

Just in case your pie crust gets soggy, and the filling is still intact with respect to the taste and texture, the good news is that you can freeze the filling safely for 7 days.

Since the filling is predominantly made up of egg and pumpkin, it can easily get contaminated.

You can store it in airtight containers or ziplock bags to avoid interaction with outside air and moisture.


Let’s Amp Up the Pie!

Bored of consuming the regular leftover Costco pies? I got you!

Listed below are easy-to-follow recipes that freeze beautifully without significantly impacting the flavor and aroma.

Pumpkin Cubes

  1. Cut the pumpkin pie slices into small cubes.
  2. Dip these cubes in a layer of melted chocolate such that it is coated with it on all sides.
  3. Place these cubes on a tray.
  4. Once all the cubes are dipped and ready, sprinkle some cinnamon powder over them.
  5. Freeze them for 15 minutes to allow the chocolate to solidify.
  6. Enjoy these chocolate-covered pumpkin pie cubes with whipped cream or marshmallows.


Does Freezing a Costco Pumpkin Pie Change the Taste?

Answer: It is recommended that these pies be kept in a clean freezer to prevent any undue smell. For instance, if these pies are placed alongside meat and fish, it can result in cross-contamination and an unwanted odor. If all the precautions are taken while freezing the pies, the taste and texture will remain the same.

Can you freeze Costco apple pie?

Yes. Costco apple pies can be stored in the freezer for 4-5 weeks. However, ensure that you freeze it in an airtight container. Don’t forget to wrap it in multiple layers of plastic wrap to prevent any physical damage.

Is Costco pumpkin pie unhealthy?

These pies, like all desserts, should only be eaten sparingly due to their high sugar, fat, and sodium content.

How much cholesterol is in Costco pumpkin pie?

One serving of Costco pumpkin pie has 46 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of sugar. Sodium present in these pies can also increase blood pressure. Hence, these pies should be enjoyed only on special occasions if you want to avoid cholesterol-related complications.



Costco pumpkin pies are freezer friendly and can be stored for 6 weeks. Since Costco pumpkin pie comes in plastic containers, replacing it with aluminum pie pans is advisable. The pie should also be wrapped in plastic to prevent damage and moisture accumulation.

One should also be mindful during thawing to ensure that the pie remains intact and the crust remains robust. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to interact in the comment section below

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