Can You Put Hot Liquid In A Ninja Blender?

Can You Put Hot Liquid In A Ninja Blender

With their intensive versatility, Ninja blenders are one of the must-have kitchen appliances for preparing dips, salad dressings, etc. It can handle all kinds of ingredients- be it solids or liquids. However, while you can put cold liquids, can the blades of a Ninja blender handle hot liquids?

For those who are looking for a direct answer-Yes, you can, however, with a few precautions. But what are those precautions?

In this article, we will help resolve your query and also offer you some tips on how to safely blend hot liquids in a Ninja blender.


Can a Ninja Blender Handle Hot Liquids?

Ninja Blender

Ninja blenders are capable of blending hot liquids. Here are a few things to consider before you get started.

According to Ninja, it is safe to blend hot liquids in their blenders as long as the temperature of the liquids is below 180°F/82°C. Before putting scalding liquids in the blender, let them cool slightly.

It’s also a good idea to only fill the container halfway. This will keep any extra heat out of your kitchen while preventing steam or splattering liquid damage.

In a Ninja blender, the best approach to blending hot liquids is to add small amounts at a time until the required consistency is reached.

Before combining hot liquids in a Ninja blender, read the manual first. There are various options for models in Ninja blenders, and they all come with their set of specifications.


How Do You Blend Hot Liquid Safely in a Ninja Blender?

Hot Liquid in Ninja Blender

In your Ninja blender, you may mix hot liquids in various ways, each with its benefits and drawbacks. The most important thing to remember while combining hot materials or liquids is to proceed with caution.

The best way to do it is in batches and only filling your jar halfway each time. This will prevent the jars from building up too much pressure inside, resulting in dangerous hot liquid spills.

To avoid splattering, place a dish towel over the lid and spout of your Ninja blender before pouring the hot liquid out.


Is It Possible To Make Hot Soup Using Cold Ingredients In A Ninja Blender?

Most Ninja blenders, unlike Vitamix and Blendtec blenders, cannot warm soup. This is because their blades do not generate enough friction to heat soup from a cold start.

This is in contrast to more powerful blenders, which may create enough friction and heat to entirely warm it up by blending without the use of any additional methods, such as microwave or stovetop heating.

Note: If you want to prepare hot soup in a Ninja blender, heat it on the stovetop or in the microwave first.


Ninja Blender Tips for Blending Hot Liquids

Here are a few suggestions from our side to ensure your blending experience is safe and successful!

  • Allow for the cooling of hot liquids first. Before removing the cover from the Ninja jar, check for escaping steam.
  • To avoid harmful spills or splatters produced by pressure buildup within the jar, remove the spout cap.
  • Keep in mind that there may still be residual heat inside, so don’t touch anything until all of the excess heat has been eliminated.
  • Blend hot liquids in batches rather than all at once in your Ninja blender for a safer and more efficient operation.
  • Overfilling or filling past halfway with hot liquid can result in dangerous spills or a build-up of excessive pressure, which can harm if not handled appropriately when the container is opened later.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes of cooling time after blending hot liquid in a Ninja blender before opening it, and more if necessary, until the outside of the jars is no longer too hot to touch.
  • Only combine tiny portions at a time to prevent the hot liquid from pouring out.


What Ingredients Shouldn’t Be Blended When They’re Still Hot?

There aren’t many foods that shouldn’t be blended, but some ingredients should be added after the heat has been removed and the mixture has cooled.

Cooked meats and other protein sources should not be added until they have reached room temperature. You may always take them out of the fridge ahead of time to bring them closer to room temperature before putting them in the blender to save time.

If you must combine something warm, do so for only 10-15 seconds and stop immediately if anything begins to shoot out under pressure!

Fortunately, a Ninja blender offers all of the power and safety features we need to do this work. That means you can use your Ninja to make soups, sauces, gravies, etc.!


What Is Ninja Blender Best For Hot Liquids?

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ

You’ll want to get your hands on a Ninja with the ‘Soup’ feature built-in if you’ll be blending up a lot of hot stuff. This will enable you to make meals faster and more conveniently than ever before.

The Nutri Ninja ® Auto blender is the ideal Ninja blender for this. It includes an extra-large jar and a ‘Soup’ feature created just for this purpose, preset blending programs, a built-in timer, and, yes, safe dishwasher parts!

If you are looking for the greatest value ninja blender set on the market today, there is no better option than the Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ.

This set includes two cups (perfect for single servings), two sips & seal lids (for transporting your meals), and an adjustable airflow cap that allows you to regulate the flow of your drinks better.

In addition to all of these features, the Nutri Ninja ® Auto iQ ‘Soup’ option works wonderfully. What precisely does this mean? Pour in some hot liquid, then add your goods! Isn’t that straightforward?



Why do hot liquids explode in the blender?

When hot liquids are kept in the blender along with the lid, the air gets heated and builds pressure. Such pressure can prompt the lid of the blender to blow off, causing a small food explosion that can create a mess in the kitchen.

Is it best to blend soup hot or cold?

When it comes to blending the soup, it must always be cooled down. Allow it to reach room temperature before blending it.

What can you make in a ninja blender?

You can try making several smoothies in a ninja blender. For example, you can try Orange, Pineapple kale, blueberry, spinach, and strawberry smoothies. With the Ninja Blender, you shall receive the best consistency.



To mix the hot liquid in a Ninja blender, follow the recommendations above and take your time. It’s tempting to rush the procedure, but if you’re not careful, you might end up spilling or splattering the contents.

When blending hot liquids, keep in mind that vapor will escape from your Ninja blender, so proceed with caution until all extra heat has gone.

I hope this post is helpful to everyone who wants to use their Ninja Blender to make excellent soups and sauces without getting burnt by spilled ingredients.

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