Can You Use A Baking Sheet As A Griddle?

Can You Use A Baking Sheet As A Griddle?

A baking sheet is the most common cookware found in every bakery. It is often used for preparing cookies, pastries, bread rolls, etc. Generally, baking sheets are only utilized to prepare breakfast items and desserts. But is there more to it? Can you use a baking sheet instead of a griddle to prepare eggs and burgers?

Well, the answer depends on your cooking style. While you might notice discrepancies in terms of texture, you can use your baking sheet as a griddle.

The following article shall discuss the best method that you must undertake while using a baking sheet as a griddle. Read ahead and learn its alternatives as well.


Can You Use A Baking Sheet As A Griddle?

Baking Sheet

Although a baking sheet might pose as a griddle, it is not one. Many times a griddle is not available, or you might find it too expensive to invest in it. Don’t worry because you can use your baking sheet in place of a griddle.

If you’re planning to use a baking sheet as a griddle, make sure that the baking sheet doesn’t have any additional coating on it. Sometimes, these coats get burnt very quickly and damage the cookware.

Keep in mind that its construction has been designed for baking purposes only. Therefore, you should keep the below points in mind.


Read the manufacturer’s instructions.

The quality of your baking sheet will decide whether it can be used as a griddle. People have complained about the warping of the material very often. Therefore, it is essential to know the specifications of your baking sheet before you use it as a griddle.


Keep the heat low 

We recommend not going beyond 370 degrees Fahrenheit when you heat the baking sheet. Usually, the coating on the baking sheet is not formulated for high temperatures. Consequently, high heat can damage the cookie sheet.


Is It Safe To Use The Baking Sheet As A Griddle?

While a baking sheet can sometimes be used as a griddle, please don’t use it as a griddle often. Doing so can lead to early damage to the baking sheet.

Since some baking sheets are sticky (which is why you lay down a parchment paper), use some oil or butter to avoid direct heat to the sheet material. This will also help the food to cook evenly without burning.

Some people also make pancakes on an inverted baking sheet. Since the surface is flat, it can work well if heat is appropriately regulated.


Can You Use a Baking Sheet On The Stove?

Baking Sheet On The Stove

That might not be a good idea if you’re talking about using your baking sheet on a gas stove burner. The heat might not spread evenly since a baking sheet is relatively larger than a saucepan. The uneven heat distribution will lead to uneven cooking of food, so you should avoid it.

If you ensure low to medium heat on the baking sheet, it is possible to cook successfully on the stovetop. Another way is to use two burners on a single baking sheet for even heat distribution.

Note: Using an electric stove or oven with a glass top is most preferred.


Which Type Of Baking Sheet Is Best To Use As A Griddle

You will find many types of baking trays in the market, but not all of them can be used as a griddle. So, if you’re planning to buy a baking sheet that could also work as a griddle, follow these instructions.

Materials such as glass or ceramic are a big ‘NO.’ Using them on a griddle can cause thermal stress to the sheet. Then what should you prefer?

  1. Stainless steel is the best material for baking sheets. It is durable and can withstand the grill’s direct heat if handled with some precautions. Its affordability is one of the most attractive plus points for customers.
  2. Titanium is also highly durable and efficient cookware for baking. Using it as a griddle will not damage the cookware easily.
  3. If you have an old baking sheet that would matter if burnt, you can use it as a griddle.


Alternatives Of Baking Sheet

Although you can save money by using a baking sheet as a griddle, we recommend considering other options. Below are a few alternatives that be used as a griddle easily.


1. Frying pan

Frying pan

Even though frying pans are not as spacious as baking sheets, it has a heavier base which gives a better cooking experience. You can easily cook burgers or sausages in a frying pan if you pour some oil and flip it regularly.


2. Skillet


You can also consider using a skillet in place of a griddle. You can pick whichever is available. Using a frying pan or skillet instead of a griddle doesn’t make much difference.

It is true that you cannot cook a ton of food at once in a frying pan or skillet like one can cook on a baking sheet. The baking sheet is large and can accommodate a considerable amount of food. However, it would help if you compromised a little to save your baking sheet.



Can you use a griddle as a baking sheet?

You should not use a griddle in place of a cookie sheet because it will not allow even heat conduction. Cookies need to cook on something that can cool down quickly to prevent slight overcooking.


What else can you use a baking sheet for? 

You can use the baking sheet to freeze berries. Further, you can also roast seeds such as pumpkin seeds to get a perfect crunchy snack.



So far, you must have understood that using a baking sheet as a griddle can be pretty simple if you can handle the heating mechanism of the sheet. However, you should not do so very often and use the trick only when it’s urgent.

But if you are looking for two benefits in one cookware, you can go with stainless steel baking sheet. We have also discussed preventing burning and other problems while using the baking sheet as a griddle.

So take the safer approach to enjoy cooking on a grill without a griddle!

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