Do Marshmallows Go Bad? How do you know if marshmallows have gone bad?

Do Marshmallows Go Bad

Christmas or any other festive occasion remains incomplete without desserts and candies. Even the people who stay away from it like to try a bite or two, especially if the dish contains yummy and fluffy marshmallows. But hey, festivals do not last forever, and this might leave you with a pantry full of leftover marshmallows.

And we know, no matter what, you don’t want to get rid of them even when you know you are not going to consume them daily. Luckily marshmallows have a pretty good shelf-life. You can safely use them for months to come when stored appropriately.

Continue your reading journey as the following article will highlight the best ways to store marshmallows to elongate their shelf life.

Can Marshmallows Go Bad?


Yes, marshmallows are sweets and obviously can go bad. But luckily, marshmallows have a pretty good shelf life.

If you own a freshly opened pack of marshmallows, you can tell it’s still edible due to its sweet yet mild aroma, soft texture, and sugary sweetness.

You probably know marshmallows come in packets with a best-before date, and if your marshmallows are way older than that, they may be likely gone bad.

How do you know when Marshmallows go bad?

When you notice any discoloration, you should know it’s gone bad irrespective of its shape and color. This generally happens with a bag of marshmallows left open in a refrigerator.

You will also notice a bit of change in their taste and texture. When stored in a moist spot of a refrigerator, they tend to turn goopy as the sugar melts due to moisture. That does not make it unsafe for consumption.

But if they are too chewy and not pleasing, you should know that the marshmallows are too old or maybe stored inappropriately and should not be thus consumed.

Also, since you know marshmallows are just the softer candies, they easily attract bugs, specifically ants, when left open.

If you have had a packet of marshmallows for almost over a year now, you should know they have gone bad and avoid consuming them without proper examination.

Other than this, if you have a packet of marshmallows for long, you will notice that the marshmallows are losing their elasticity and even taste. You can consume it only if you see no change in taste or accumulation of any kind of bacteria over it.

So yes, marshmallows too can go bad, and your senses will tell you when it’s time to get rid of them. But there is no denying the fact that marshmallows have a longer shelf-life and can be enjoyed well when stored appropriately.

Here’s what you should know about how long a packet of colorful marshmallows can last when stored accurately.


How Long Marshmallows Lasts (Cookie & Candy)

If the packet of marshmallows will last a year or two will largely depend on the manufacturer and the brand you choose.

This is because the preservatives added to marshmallows of different brands are different. This also changes the best-before or expiry date of the marshmallows.

How long do unopened sugar Marshmallows last?

If you own an unopened packet of marshmallows, they will last up to eight months or until expiry. You can even consume it for a week or so after the expiry date if the color, texture, and taste of marshmallows are the same.

How long do Marshmallows last once opened? 

However, the opened bag of marshmallows should be consumed as soon as possible, even if they can last longer.

This is because texture or taste might soon start to change when the marshmallows come in contact with moisture. The marshmallows start to become sticky or hard once the packet is opened within a week or so.

But if you store them in a proper air-tight bag or jar, they can last up to weeks, a month, or even months.

Some manufacturers recommend consuming marshmallows within two to four days of opening the packet if you want to enjoy its flavors, texture, and softness.

So basically, an opened packet of marshmallows can be enjoyed for 2 to 3 days but is safe to consume for months until it reaches the expiry date. That will probably be 6 to 7 months.

By now, you already know how important it is to store marshmallows accurately, and therefore, here are a few tips that you would want to know in order to make your marshmallows last a bit longer than usual.


How to Store Marshmallows For Making Them Last Longer?

How to Store Marshmallows For Making Them Last Longer

With lots of preservatives, marshmallows have a pretty good shelf-life. The ingredients added to it make them stable but storing them accurately is still equally important.

If you have an unopened marshmallow package, you need to place it in a cool and dark place at room temperature. So it could either be a cupboard, kitchen shelf, or pantry.

How long do Marshmallows last in the fridge? 

If you belong to a tropical area where the sun shines a way lot more, make sure you store it in a refrigerator. This will make them last for 2-3 months.

However, if you own an open packet of marshmallows, make sure you transfer it to a tightly sealed jar. This is because generally, marshmallows, when exposed to air, tend to get hard.

They can also attract smells of other edibles kept in a refrigerator, and your kids might not love them anymore. Also, the moisture in the fridge can likely lead to spoiled texture sooner than the date of expiry.

So to avoid all of these situations, make sure you transfer all the marshmallows into an air-tight bag or jar before you store them in a refrigerator.

If you already own marshmallows that are getting sticky day by day, you can sprinkle some corn starch. This will reduce the stickiness, and you can consume them.

Also, there are many misconceptions and confusion regarding freezing marshmallows, so here’s the truth that experts want you all to know.


Can You Freeze Marshmallows?

Most manufacturers don’t tell you if you can freeze marshmallows but trust us when we say marshmallows freeze really well. This is because we have tried frozen marshmallows, and they do last long a bit more.

How long can Marshmallows last in the freezer? 

Freezing marshmallows when you know you will not use them any sooner can save them from spoiling.

You can transfer them to a freezer bag. Make sure you are not using a zipper bag, as the marshmallows will still be exposed to air and moisture, which can lead to spoiling of marshmallows.

Keep the bag in a freezer, and marshmallows are safer to consume even after six months. In case the marshmallows get a bit sticky after defrosting, you need to sprinkle some powdered sugar or cornstarch.

Remember that you don’t pack marshmallows too tightly, as this can squish them and spoil their shape as well as texture while you defrost them.

Apart from these ways, bread can also be used to store marshmallows. This is the method that most users swear by when it comes to keeping marshmallows for a longer duration.

If you own an opened pack of marshmallows that you can’t finish that quickly, bread can take care of them and make them last longer.

You add one or two white pieces of bread to your opened packet of marshmallows, seal it and store it anywhere away from direct sunlight in a cool dark place.

Well, by now, we already know a lot about marshmallows, but marshmallow fluffs are no exception when it comes to holiday leftovers, so here are a few things knowing about them won’t hurt.

How to Thaw Marshmallows?

Thawing frozen marshmallows is a piece of cake. You will have to place the frozen marshmallows on a plate on the kitchen counter. Avoid keeping it directly under sunlight.

Give it a few minutes, and you will notice the marshmallows getting their fluffiness back.

 Marshmallows Fluffs: Expiry, Storage, and Usage

Marshmallows fluffs are just a bit twisted marshmallows from the traditionally served ones and have already been a part of many dinner tables by now.

Just like marshmallows,  marshmallow fluffs as well have a best-before date. However, marshmallow fluffs last at least up to 8 months when used and stored appropriately.

You need to make sure they are not stored in direct sunlight. Even refrigerating them can increase their shelf life a bit.

Once you open the packaging of marshmallows and are exposed to air, they will last approximately more than two to four months.

You can also freeze marshmallows fluffs just like marshmallows to keep the quality intact for a longer duration.

However, if you notice a strange smell, change in texture, or taste a bit off than usual, we recommend discarding them and getting a new bottle to treat your sweet tooth.

But if they are stuck to each other or a bit soggy, you can sprinkle some cornstarch or powdered sugar over them and rest them for a while before you use them in your snack.

These sweet treats can just be perfect mood boosters, and we know you don’t ever want to run short of them.

What are the Alternatives to Marshmallows if it has gone bad? 

Are you out of marshmallows? Or, have the ones in your home gone bad? If yes, we suggest using the following alternatives:

  •  Zefir
  • Marshmallows Fluffs
  • Honey
  • Peanut Butter
  • Sugar-free Marshmallows

FAQs about Marshmallows

How long are marshmallows good when added to a dish?

Marshmallows have a longer shelf-life, so people can use them for a pretty long duration. However, when added to a dish, you can’t be sure how long it is safer to consume.

But generally, marshmallows last as long as any other ingredient would in a dish. If one of them is safe to consume even after 4 hours, the same is with marshmallows added to a dish.


What happens if you eat expired Marshmallows?

This depends more on how old they are or how long they have been stored from the expiry date. There is nothing wrong with consuming old marshmallows if they have proper texture and taste.

Many users also recommend putting a piece of fresh bread in a bag of marshmallows to renew them. But if the marshmallows have gone bad, we do not recommend consuming them.


Can you get gluten-free marshmallows?

Most of the marshmallows available in the market are gluten-free and even lactose-free. But we still recommend checking the packaging for better assurance. The essential ingredients of marshmallows other than preservatives are sugar, water, air, and gelatin.

So you can consume them even if you are on a gluten-free or lactose-free diet.

Can marshmallows grow mold? 

It is not common for marshmallows to grow mold. But if you find an old bag of marshmallows laded with mold, it is only because it contains some flavoring or egg whites.

Why do marshmallows get sticky?

Marshmallows get sticky due to the presence of moisture. One can avoid this by placing the marshmallows in an airtight container.

Where is the expiration date on Marshmallows? 

The expiration date on marshmallows is written on the label. One must always check it before making any purchase.

Why do Marshmallows need to be refrigerated?

Even though marshmallows retain their quality at room temperature, it is always advisable to refrigerate them. This will prevent them from sticking together.

Can old Marshmallows make you sick?

Consuming old or expired marshmallows will not make you sick. At most, it might ruin the taste of the dish.

How long do sugar decorations last?

Generally, sugar decorations last for 6 weeks, given that they are stored in a cool and dark place.

Final Notes on Marshmallows

Well, now you can say you know a lot about marshmallows. So no matter what season you get them in for your kids, these sweet delicacies are here to stay for a longer duration.

Even if you notice a slight change in color, texture, or taste, you know it’s time to get rid of them and get new colorful sweeties. However, if they are too sticky and taste good, we recommend sprinkling some cornstarch or powdered sugar, and marshmallows are ready.

However, it would be best if you made sure an open packet of marshmallows is stored in the refrigerator or even frozen when you know you will not consume it for a longer duration.

But if you have an unopened package of marshmallows, it’s good anywhere away from direct sunlight.

So satisfy your sweet cravings with marshmallows anytime and every time you want, as they are here when stored properly. Happy deserting!

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