Does Cream Cheese Powder go bad? How long it lasts, how to store and more

Does Cream Cheese Powder go bad?

The ardent cream cheese lovers understand the richness that it brings to frostings, dips, pumpkin desserts, etc. Its mild sweetness with hints of tanginess makes it the ideal addition for sweet and savory dishes.

While you can benefit from its extended shelf life (approximately 5 to 10 years), it can go bad early due to incorrect storage techniques. How must one avoid such circumstances? You can do so by learning the best storage techniques to store cream cheese powder.

Wondering how? You can do so by referring to the following guide, as we shall explain how to identify a bad packet of cream cheese powder, along with its storage techniques. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.


How long does Cream Cheese Powder last? Does Cream Cheese Powder go bad?

How long does Cream Cheese Powder last?

If you have decided to store your cream cheese in a pantry, then you have made a perfect choice. The composition of Cream Cheese Powder makes it the ideal candidate for shelf stability.

When you store your Cream Cheese Powder on a shelf, it can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years when it has remained unopened. Cream Cheese Powder sealed with an oxygen absorber creates an ideal storage environment.

When Cream Cheese Powder is stored in cool and dry shelf space, it helps the Cream Cheese Powder last longer. Even without refrigeration, Cream Cheese Powder can retain its quality.

Cheese powders are the most low-maintenance cheeses that are available. The fresh salty and rich flavor that Cream Cheese Powder offers does not disappear if it is not refrigerated.

To increase the longevity of Cream Cheese Powder, it is recommended to store it at an average room temperature. An opened jar of Cream Cheese Powder stored in the refrigerator can attract moisture.


Opened/Unopened Cream Cheese Powder Longevity of Cream Cheese Powder in the pantry  Longevity of Cream Cheese Powder in the refrigerator
Opened Cream Cheese Powder 1-2 years Up to 2 years
Unopened Cream Cheese Powder Up to ten years 10-12 years


How to tell if Cream Cheese Powder has gone bad?

How to tell if Cream Cheese Powder has gone bad?

Cream cheese is a type of soft cheese rich in fat content. It is prepared using unskimmed milk and is then enriched with additional cream. The food dehydrators are used to turn cream cheese into Cream Cheese Powder.

  • Mold: 

When the Cream Cheese Powder starts absorbing moisture and gets moldy, it is time to throw it out.

Even though some molds are not harmful, others can produce toxins, and when this happens to soft cheese, it’s not a good sign.


  • Moisture: 

The physical properties of the powder directly impact the processability of Cream Cheese Powder. So whenever the Cream Cheese Powder comes in contact with moisture, it becomes more plastic or elastic-like.


  • Processing method:

The better the processing method, the longer the powdered cheese will last. If cheap techniques are used, the chances are that the cheese powder will go bad sooner than expected.


  • Exposure to heat:

Exposing cream cheese powder to heat can deteriorate its temperature. If cream cheese powder is kept out for too long, it will lose its odor and taste. This is when it is not desirable for consumption.


  • Storage: 

Storing the cream cheese powder in a cool and dry place is the best way to save it from going bad.

Several factors also influence the shelf life of Cream Cheese Powder. The processing method, exposure to heat, and how it is stored are some of the significant factors for determining if Cream Cheese Powder has gone bad or not.


Author’s note: When something has gone bad, your eyes and olfactory indicators help you in identifying it. If you feel that the Cream Cheese Powder has gone bad, it is better to throw it away.


What happens if you eat expired Cream Cheese Powder?

What happens if you eat expired Cream Cheese Powder?

Like any cheese powder, even Cream Cheese Powder can be eaten after its expiration date if stored properly. There will be less to no change in the quality of Cream Cheese Powder.

Although, if you consume spoiled food, just like spoiled Cream Cheese Powder, the chances are that you can get an upset stomach. When cheese powders are stored improperly, then they can cause botulism. Botulism is a type of food poisoning caused by harmful bacteria.

Even though the expiry date of the Cream Cheese Powder usually indicates that it can be used for three years after it is shelved, you can prolong that period. Cream Cheese Powder can be used past its expiry date for up to 4 more years by freezing it.

The expiration dates are usually the indicators of freshness that are used by either the manufacturers or the producers. The expiration date does not mean that the food cannot be eaten past that.


Can you freeze Cream Cheese Powder?

Well, when producers want to store cheese for a long time, they tend to freeze-dry it. When the Cream cheese is freeze-dried and stored properly, you can use it for up to 20 years. It is the only viable option.

Although, freezing Cream Cheese Powder might not be such a good idea. The powder might catch moisture while defrosting and won’t be edible after that.

Cream Cheese Powder can easily be stored at room temperature. That is when it lasts the longest.


What is the best way to store Cream Cheese Powder?

Since any powder product has a long shelf life, so does the Cream Cheese Powder. Although if you want, you can also store it in a refrigerator.

If you have opened the Cream Cheese Powder, you can either store it in a cool and dry place or transfer the powdered cream cheese into a tight lid container. These containers can be easily kept in a fridge or a freezer.

Alternatives for Cream Cheese Powder if it Goes Bad

If the quality of your cream cheese powder has drastically reduced, you can use the following alternatives for your recipe:

  • Ricotta
  • Neufchatel cheese
  • Mascarpone
  • Sour cream
  • Cottage cheese

While the aforementioned alternatives aren’t available in powdered form, you can make do with the recipe to get a similar flavor and consistency.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Can Cream Cheese Powder be used in baking? 

Most certainly, the Cream Cheese Powder can be used in baking. Whether you want to make cheesecakes or top them on a muffin, it can be used for anything you want.


Can you use Cream Cheese Powder for frosting? 

Of course, you can use Cream Cheese Powder for frosting. By mixing the Cream Cheese Powder along with either milk or water, you can get a creamy consistency.

Use an automatic whisker to get hard peaks in the Cream Cheese Powder.


Can Kraft Cheese Powder Go Bad?

Kraft cheese powder, like any other cheese powder, can go bad due to the lack of storage facilities. However, since it is made with milk solids, Kraft cheese powder will take some time to go bad.

The bottom line

Cheese powder is perfect for people who love to travel. No harsh weather can ruin it. On the other hand, carrying cream cheese is complicated while on the move.

With the proper storing techniques that you acquainted yourself with, you can rock other people’s taste buds in the above article. Cream Cheese Powder is as good as cream cheese and somehow even better.

If you found this information helpful, let us know in the comment section below.

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