Does Malibu Rum Go Bad? What Are the Shelf-Life, Storage Methods, Spoilage Signs, and More!

Does Malibu Rum Go Bad?

Finding an old bottle of Malibu rum at the back of the pantry might leave you with lingering memories with your friends. Its sweet taste with hints of coconut and almonds makes it an ideal liqueur on its own and when it is used for making cocktails.

But an old Malibu rum bottle laded with dust might make you question its quality. Questions like, “Does Malibu rum go bad?” might linger in your mind.

To answer your question- Yes, Malibu rum does go bad. Its recommended shelf life is 2 years. But you can elongate its shelf life and detect its spoilage signs by learning more about it. Hey! No need for any additional research as we have covered all the points in the following article. Read on and learn how to store Malibu Rum for a long period.


What is the Shelf-Life of Malibu Rum?

What is the Shelf-Life of Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum is flavored liquor that has around 42-proof or 21% alcohol by volume. The authentic Malibu Rum is prepared using coconut extract, referred to as coconut rum. Please note that Malibu Rum is a liquor that doesn’t keep as authentic rum does.

Every bottle of Malibu Rum comes with the best-before date printed on the label. However, the printed date only tells how long the alcohol content sustains its peak quality. But, Malibu Rum won’t go bad quickly or lose its flavor past its use-by date.

The unopened bottle of Malibu Rum can last for years, even after the printed use-by date. After opening, it is best to use the bottle within 12 months for the best quality, taste, and flavor.

Malibu Rum loses its quality faster than authentic rum. But, the process of losing its efficiency is slow.

Items Pantry
Malibu Rum Unopened Use-By Date Plus Ten Years
Malibu Rum Opened One Year

Please note these dates are only for the best flavor and taste. Malibu Rum stays safe and good indefinitely.


What are the Spoilage Signs of Malibu Rum?

What are the Spoilage Signs of Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum will never go bad, provided that it is stored properly and well sealed. Malibu Rum won’t go bad quickly since it comprises high alcohol content that works as a natural preservative. But, it doesn’t mean that the rum will never go bad. So, you must always check the following spoilage signs before using the old Malibu Rum.

Check the Flavor

After opening, the bottle of Malibu Rum will keep losing its authentic flavor and taste with time. The loss of flavor is caused due to prolonged exposure to air and evaporation. As the flavor degrades, the taste starts getting unpleasant.

So, you have to check the flavor of the old Malibu Rum before using it to know if it is still good and pleasant or has gone rancid.

Smell Test

The smell of Malibu Rum tends to change when stored for a prolonged period after opening. The smell may get flat or sour with time. The taste and smell of the spoiled Malibu Rum will turn fermented.

However, the drink is not harmful for consumption, even if the smell turns sour. It won’t cause any adverse effects. But, it is best to discard it and try fresh Malibu Rum.

Change in Appearance

The appearance of Malibu Rum tends to change, especially when it is stored for a prolonged period. The drink will turn cloudy with time, and you may also see particles at the bottom of the bottle. It indicates that the Malibu Rum has gone bad, and you have to discard it.


What Happens When You Drink Spoiled Malibu Rum?

What Happens When You Drink Spoiled Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum won’t cause any adverse effects on your health if you consume the Malibu Rum past its expiry. It is important to know that the use-by date on the label doesn’t denote that the Malibu Rum has expired. The period only tells how long the drink can sustain its peak quality and offer authentic taste and flavor.

In many cases, you will see Malibu Rum continues to age, changing its appearance to a cloudy look. The change doesn’t confirm that the drink has expired or turned dangerous for your health.

Malibu Rum’s flavor degrades with time, especially after a prolonged period of storage. You won’t experience the same taste or flavor. But it is safe for consumption as it is not considered poisonous to cause adverse effects on your health.


Can You Freeze Malibu Rum? Refrigerated Vs. Shelf-Stable

Can You Freeze Malibu Rum Refrigerated Vs. Shelf-Stable

Freezing Malibu Rum is not always necessary because the process is complicated. But, if you want, you may freeze your Malibu Rum. Malibu Rum stays fresh and flavorsome for years, even when stored in a beverage cabinet or refrigerator.

Malibu Rum won’t freeze well in your typical home freezer. But, if you freeze it continuously, the drink may turn icy.

Based on the quality of Malibu Rum, it may turn into rum syrup rather than getting frozen with time. The typical temperature of the freezer is very cold, and it is enough to turn the liquor frozen. In severe cases, when the temperature gets extreme, it may even expand the liquid, resulting in an explosion of the Malibu Rum bottle.


After opening, you must always keep the bottle tightly sealed when not in use. But, it is up to you whether or not you should refrigerate the rum-based beverage.

It is not necessary to keep the bottle chilled after opening. But if you want to sustain its quality longer, it is best to put the bottle in a fridge after opening.

Refrigerating the unopened bottle of Malibu Rum is not required, and it won’t do anything to extend the shelf-life of the Malibu Rum.


Malibu Rum, like other liquors, can stay fresh and good on the shelves of your beverage cabinet. Whether it is opened or sealed, you can store your bottle of Malibu Rum in the beverage cabinet without worrying about spoilage.

Malibu Rum must be stored like other spirits in dry and cool places away from the heat sources and light. The cellar or a pantry cabinet is the best place to store the bottle of Malibu Rum.

No matter where you choose to store your Malibu Rum, it must be away from heat sources and direct sunlight.


What are the Best Methods to Store Malibu Rum?

You must not forget that exceptional storage methods can heighten the shelf-life of your Malibu Rum. The quality of your Malibu Rum is determined by how best you have stored it. So, you must learn helpful tips on how to store Malibu Rum to increase its shelf-life.

Keep the Bottle Tightly Sealed

After opening the bottle, it is necessary to keep it sealed tightly when not in use. Keeping the bottle sealed is necessary to prevent air exposure and cross-contamination of the content. If air comes in contact with the alcohol, it stimulates the degradation process of the beverage.

So, keeping the bottle sealed is necessary to delay the oxidation process.

Transfer to Smaller Bottle

You must never store the half-filled bottle of Malibu Rum in the cabinet. It has a higher pressure, and the air inside the bottle may cause the drink to spoil quickly. So, you must always prefer to transfer the beverage to a smaller bottle that is well filled.

The smaller the space, the slower the degradation process of the liquor.

Keep the Bottle Away from Heat Sources

You must not store the bottle of Malibu Rum close to heat sources. It must be stored in cool and dry places away from heat sources. The extreme heat affects the quality and taste of the alcoholic drink.

Warm places stimulate the spoilage process, and it drops the quality faster. So, you must ensure to store it in cool and dry places.

Alternatives for Malibu Rum if it Goes Bad 

If you are hosting a party but you run out of Malibu rum to prepare delicious cocktails, you can use the following substitutes:

  • Regular rum + Coconut extract
  • Milk + Coconut extract
  • DIY Coconut rum
  • Parrot Bay
  • Whaler’s Killer Coconut Rum

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Malibu Rum Come with an Expiry Date?

No, Malibu Rum doesn’t have any expiry date. The bottle comes with a use-by date printed on it, and it is not the expiry date of the drink. The date tells how long it guarantees the most refreshing flavor and taste. The product stays safe for consumption for up to two years, and it won’t cause any adverse effects on your health.


Is It Safe to Consume Malibu Rum After Best-By Date?

Yes, Malibu Rum is safe for consumption even after the use-by date printed on the label. Users can use it without worrying about any adverse side effects. However, you must look for the spoilage signs before using them. Malibu Rum, after its use-by date, won’t spoil or cause adverse effects. But, you must not consume it if you find any spoilage signs.


The Bottom Line

Malibu Rum keeps its quality and taste for years when unopened, and it lasts for a year after opening. Malibu Rum needs no refrigeration even after opening, and if you want to preserve it longer after opening, you must put it in a fridge.

If you notice any changes in the flavor or taste, discard the bottle as it means that the drink has spoiled and is no longer safe for consumption.

The best way to store your Malibu Rum is by keeping it in places away from heat sources and in cool and dry places. Ensure to keep the bottle sealed tightly after every use.

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