Does Pillsbury Dough Expire Or Go Bad?

Does Pillsbury Dough Go Bad

Are you wondering if it is safe to consume Pillsbury dough post its expiry date? Or are you curious to know if these white doughboys get spoilt? You have found just the right article.

Pillsbury doughs come with an expiry date. However, it can be consumed even after the date has passed. Since we want to ensure that you do not harm yourself by consuming something you should not, we have done a thorough research and self-tested the dough to ensure we deliver authentic information to our readers.

Please continue reading to see how long you consume the dough, including the best ways to preserve them to extend its shelf life.

Does Pillsbury Dough have an Expiry Date?

Every food item, canned or frozen, comes with an expiry date to ensure that the consumer remains healthy after eating them. Since canned items have certain ingredients that are present to ensure that the food remains stable, they all have a best-before date.

As per General Mills, Pillsbury dough can be used 7 days past its expiry date; however, the taste may change. Furthermore, if you notice any funny smell or color change, you might as well discard it.

How Long Does Pillsbury Dough Last?

How Long Does Pillsbury Dough Last?

Before you use any product, you should always look for the expiry date; it will be printed clearly on the packaging. As mentioned earlier, this dough can be used a week past its expiration date if it is unopened and the packaging has yet to be tampered with. However, if you have opened the dough, you should use it within 5 to 6 days.

Once the packaging is opened and the dough is exposed to air, the oxygen in it can oxidize the ingredients and facilitate the degradation of the nutrients.

Furthermore, contact with air can also give way to the various microbes present in the atmosphere. Hence, it should be consumed before the microbes deteriorate the product and bring about spoilage.

Pro Tip: Once you have opened the packaging, store the dough in the refrigerator or freezer to reduce the proliferation of microbes and other contaminants.

How to Tell If The Dough Has Gone Bad?

How to Tell If The Dough Has Gone Bad?

The good news is that you can self-evaluate if the dough has gone wrong. Here are some telltale signs that will help you understand if the dough is safe for consumption.


Nothing can surpass your eyes! If you notice any moisture or slimy growth on the dough, naturally, it is unsafe.
Given that these doughs contain baking soda, yeast, or baking powder, there is a chance that lumps will appear as a byproduct of the fermentation of the substantial amounts of sugar and fat the dough contains.


Whenever anything spoils, it frequently emits a rotten odor that lets you know it has gone wrong. If the product is degraded, you will immediately detect a foul scent because many doughs contain eggs.

Hence, if you smell anything fishy, it’s safe to throw the dough out rather than consume it.


The color may change depending on the type of dough you bought. However, if you notice that the dough has two distinct hues, don’t use it. For instance, green or black is a big red flag since it indicates microbial degradation.

Therefore, always verify the color of the dough before using it in your preparations.

Can You Have Health Issues if you consume expired Pillsbury Dough products?

You won’t notice any severe health hazards if you consume expired dough within 7 days. However, you must inspect the dough to ensure it passes the abovementioned tests.

Most of the contents have degraded their nutritional value and texture; hence, they will not taste as they should. It can be dangerous to continue eating them if you see signs of deterioration. Furthermore, consuming spoilt food can also result in nausea, headache, and stomach ache, and in the worst cases, it can also cause food poisoning.

The Best Ways to Make Pillsbury Dough Last Longer?

If you have an unopened packet of dough, it is best to store it in a clean and dry place, away from moisture and pests. It is crucial to ensure that the dough packaging does not tamper if you want to share fit for a while.

If the dough is opened, one of the best ways to store them is in zip-lock bags or air-tight containers at low temperatures. Since this ensures that the dough has minimum to no interaction with air and water, it will stay fresh and contaminant-free for a long time if stored appropriately.

You can also securely freeze the dough by putting it in cling wrap or pyrex containers if you want to keep it for long periods. For instance, if you use cookie dough, you can easily bake the cookies and keep them without problems for more than a year in the freezer.

FAQs About Pillsbury Dough Going Bad

In this section, we will discuss some commonly asked questions.

Does all Pillsbury Dough Contain eggs?

Answer: Only some Pillsbury Dough contains egg since it is not one of the main ingredients. Specific baking dough, like brownie dough, cookie dough, etc., contains egg.

Can you refreeze Pillsbury Dough?

Answer: Refreezing them is not a good idea once the dough has been thawed at room temperature. Freezing dough can result in ice accumulation, which gets melted at room temperature. Hence, attempting to refreeze them after their interactions with water will result in an instant deterioration of the dough. Hence, if you want to use only some amount of dough, remove the desired amount before thawing the entire batch.

How Long Are Crescent Rolls Good For After Expiration Date?

Answer: Crescent Rolls have an expiration date printed on the package. If the rolls are frozen, they can be used for about 30 days after it has passed their expiry date; however, it is imperative to understand that the taste and texture of the frozen rolls will be different compared to freshly baked rolls.



Pillsbury doughs are safe even after expiration if stored in the right conditions. An unopened frozen dough can be used for a month after its expiration, whereas, if stored at room temperature, it can be used for a week after its best-by date.

If the dough has been opened, it is best to use it within 5 days. Ensure that the opened dough is frozen or stored in the refrigerator until subsequent use.

I hope you found this article helpful! If you have any other queries feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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