Is it possible for Triple Sec to go bad? How long does it last, opened or unopened?

Does Triple Sec Go Bad? How Long Does It Will Last, Opened and Unopened?

Several months ago, you hosted a party and used the Triple Sec to mix drinks. As it was unfinished, you put it away and then forgot about it.

Perhaps now you remember it because it was a busy day and you need a sip, or because your friends or family will be over for dinner. It wouldn’t hurt to have a nice chit-chat with your favorite drink.

But now that it’s alcohol, the question occurs to you: “What if triple sec went bad?” or is it safe to drink? “How can I tell if it turned bad? I certainly do not want to embarrass myself.” Now you can’t sit upright until you know the answers to these questions.

No matter why you drink it, triple Sec can go bad. However, there are a few things you should know about it.

As we have discussed triple sec liqueur and triple sec syrup in this article, you need not worry. Furthermore, we have addressed all the doubts, from the shelf life to the different methods of preserving it.


Does Triple Sec go bad?

Triple Sec

Yes. Everything has an expiry date. If it is not opened, a triple-sec bottle can be used for up to 10 years of the highest quality, but its quality life will be reduced to 3 years once opened.

Do Triple Secs Last Long? 

As already mentioned above, triple Sec includes a high content of sugar and lactic acid. Also, it is an alcoholic drink in nature. Therefore there are fewer chances for it to go bad, which helps us to understand it possesses a very good shelf life.

How long does Triple Sec last unopened?

If the Triple Sec bottle is left unopened, it can last for a decade. But this is only possible if the bottle is stored in favorable conditions.

How long does Triple Sec last once open?

Unfortunately, if triple Sec is not preserved reasonably, it can go bad faster as compared to the bottle whose seal is opened. Also, if it has turned bad, you can see the evident changes.

But wait, when it comes to triple sec syrup, it accompanies by the best-by or use-by date provided on the label; you should notice it before buying. Just like Triple sec alcohol, its quality begins to degrade a lot quicker once the bottle is opened. As the label will let you know the best date to use but make sure you complete it in a month and a half period.

How long does Triple Sec last at room temperature?

Since Triple Sec does not contain any perishable ingredients, it can last for a good amount of time at room temperature. The quality is only affected when the bottle is opened.

How long does Triple Sec last in the fridge?

As we mentioned earlier, Triple Sec will retain its quality at room temperature for years, as long as the bottle is unopened. If you have opened the bottle, you can keep it in the fridge to retain the taste and quality for 1-2 years.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Triple Sec? How Can You Tell?

Examine the flavor in the bottle by smell; if the fragrance is missing or it lacks the orange flavor, you can choose to discard it as the quality has degraded. Or even when you notice such weird changes in appearance, smell, or taste, get rid of it soon as it’s not good enough to serve neat or on the rocks, but you can use it in making cocktails.

For the triple sec syrup, the situation is somewhat similar. Its shelf life is not as long as triple sec liqueur, but it won’t be spoiled as easily if preserved appropriately.

Because of the high amount of liquor in a triple sec, it does not turn sour unless no contaminants have made their way into the bottle. It’s human nature to sniff on something before utilizing it.

Is it Okay to Use Expired Triple Sec?

You won’t get sick from expired Triple Sec. Once it’s open and consumed within a reasonable amount of time, it’ll taste dreary. It will have an off-taste, and it may upset your stomach.

Those with low immunity or a sensitive constitution may suffer from food poisoning. Therefore, it is mandatory not to consume expired Triple Sec.

A Guide to Storing Triple Sec

Different methods to store triple sec

Preserving drinks helps you to enjoy them for a longer duration. Make sure to store Triple Sec in a similar manner as you store other liquor bottles like tequila so that you can enjoy its freshness in the taste. Ensure to store it in a cool and dry area far away from sunlight and heat.

Below are the best ways to store triple Sec.

Store the Triple Sec in the dark place

Once the bottle is opened, make certain to save it in a dark place. It allows for maintaining the quality. If it is exposed to heat and light, it won’t take much longer to go bad. Therefore it is advisable to store it in your basement or at a place where no light can enter.

Also, once the bottle is half full, shift the other half to the smaller bottle if you plan to store it for a longer duration.


Store the Triple Sec in the fridge

The most obvious way to store a triple sec bottle, whether it’s seal packed or opened, is to store it in a fridge. It helps to extend the shelf life. The motive behind this is cool environment is best to store.


Store triple sec in the freezer

Preserving the triple sec bottle in the freezer helps extend its shelf life and maintain its freshness and quality. But if it lacks alcohol, the mixture will freeze if it is left in the refrigerator within the advisable 8-12 hours.


Can you Freeze Triple Sec?

Preserving the triple sec bottle in the freezer helps extend its shelf life and maintain its freshness and quality. But if it lacks alcohol, the mixture will freeze if it is left in the refrigerator within the advisable 8-12 hours.

If it contains alcohol, you can simply place the bottle in the freezer. Give it a few days to let the liquid freeze completely.

How to Thaw Triple Sec?

Thawing Triple Sec is as simple as freezing it. All you need to do is transfer the bottle from the freezer to the refrigerator for a few hours. It will bring the liquid back to its original consistency without bringing about a drastic change in the temperature.

What is Triple Sec generally used as?

Triple Sec is an orange color drink additive or an after-drink treat you can have. However, it is usually added to cocktails like a Sidecar, Cosmo, Long Island iced tea, and Kamikaze.


What mixes well with Triple Sec?

There are a variety of drinks you can easily mix triple Sec with. Depending on your choice of drink, you simply add your triple sec cover, shake and pour into a shot glass for a perfect flavored shot.


Will Triple Sec get you drunk?

It does not really get you drunk all of a sudden. However, it is a slow drink. So going a bit above your limit when mixed with your favorite cocktail, you will get drunk.

What can I do with old Triple Sec?

Old Triple Sec can still be used as the presence of alcohol prevents the formation of bacteria or mold. That being said, if you notice any drastic changes in the taste, you can use it to prepare ravishing cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, Sidecar Cocktail, or Kamikaze to offset the taste.

What are the Alternatives to Triple Sec if it has gone bad? 

If you don’t like the changed taste of your old Triple Sec, you can go ahead with your yummy cocktail recipes by using the following alternatives:

  • Cointreau
  • Combier Liqueur d’Orange
  • Orange extract
  • Orange curaçao
  • Grand Marnier


Can expired Triple Sec make you sick?

Consuming expired Triple Sec will not necessarily make you sick. However, the changed taste and smell might not be appealing.

What liquor is Triple Sec?

Triple Sec is an orange-flavored liqueur that originated in France. With 20-40% alcohol content, it has been a popular liqueur for over 150 years.

The Wrap Up

While you can use the triple sec syrup until the date listed on the label, once the seal has been broken, the quality of the syrup starts to degrade more quickly. Depending on how it is stored, it may vary.

Triple sec liquor should be stored in a pantry far away from the kitchen and any sources of heat. Verify on the label whether the product needs to be stored in the normal refrigerator or the freezer.

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