10 Best Substitutes for Vodka (With & Without Alcohol)

Best Substitutes for Vodka

It is said that vodka does not have any flavor. But we beg to differ. If you try wheat-based vodka, you shall get a creamy taste. On the other hand, rye-based vodka options have hints of spiciness. Regardless of your choice, vodka’s neutral flavor and aroma make it easier to incorporate it into cocktails and recipes. But it doesn’t hurt to look at other options, does it?

Be it your choice or situation; you can substitute vodka with other options like clear hard liquor or rum. The ones who require non-alcoholic substitutes can try orange juice or apple juice.

Please read our article below to understand the closest substitutes to vodka for your recipes and other uses.


10 Best Vodka Substitutes

The following are some of the best vodka substitutes that one can try in cocktails and recipes. Read along and pick out the best option.

1. Clear Hard Liquor

Clear Hard Liquor

Best for: Cocktails, Non-Veg Marinades, and preparations

Vodka belongs to the category of hard liquors. Therefore, if you do not want to use vodka or do not have it at dispense, you can easily replace it with another clear hard liquor.

The best replacements in clear hard liquor would be gin, tequila, etc. In fact, if you use them in cocktails, anybody could barely identify the difference. And, in fact, they add an excellent flavor to marinades and non-veg preparations as well! Just make sure that it has the same alcohol content as vodka so that the difference is minimal.


2. Tonic Water

Tonic Water

Best For: Cocktails and beverages, mojitos, etc.

Tonic water is clearly like the non-alcoholic version of vodka. If someone is not comfortable consuming alcohol and needs a good substitute, then tonic water is it! It enhances the taste of other ingredients in the cocktail and has a very mild to almost neutral taste.

Certain tonic waters are even carbonated, adding a fizzy effect to your drinks, just like soda. However, they are not very healthy. There are different types of tonic water found in the market with varying concentrations. Some of them are even available in different flavors.

Pro Tip: If you do not have tonic water, you can even use regular water, but that will dilute the flavor.


3. Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Best For: Cakes, Baking, Cocktails, Beverages, Marinades, etc.

Orange juice is the go-to replacement and taste enhancer in several preparations. In fact, if you want to add a citrusy and tangy taste to your food or simply any beverage, orange juice is a very refreshing alternative.

You can use it for both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Else, you can also use it along with vodka to mellow the bitter taste and make an exquisite vodka-based cocktail.


4. Apple Juice

Apple Juice 

Best for: Cocktails, mocktails, marinades, diluent in drinks, etc.

If you are looking for a much sweeter alternative to vodka, apple juice is another great substitute. Apple juice is quite sweet and tastes fabulous with any beverage.

You can also use it as a diluent with vodka, and it serves as a great combination, adding a bitter-sweet taste (those who consume vodka definitely know this).

If you are using it in mocktails or cocktails, do not add sugar additionally, as apple juice is too sweet in itself!


5. Rum


Best for: Alcoholic replacement to vodka, cocktails, cooked recipes, etc.

Rum is a strong and popular drink with a unique taste like that of brown sugar. If you have consumed rum and love the taste, it would compliment almost any dish. The bitter-sweet notes are excellent for non-vegetarian marinades, and rum can enhance the flavor of any cocktail of your choice. In fact, you can even add it to cooked recipes if you like its flavor.

It is not colorless as vodka, so the after-result of any beverage or cocktail may differ slightly in terms of taste and looks. However, rum serves as a better replacement for vodka in several cocktails. However, the alcohol content is high, so this may not be the best choice for nonalcoholic consumers.

Pro Tip: You can use white rum instead of dark rum for a similar texture and color as vodka.


6. Schnapps


Best for: Cocktails, Mocktails, Cold beverages, etc.

Schnapps is not as popular as vodka or rum but is a great taste enhancer. In fact, it is an excellent non-alcoholic substitute for vodka and is available in different fruity flavors as well. Therefore, you can choose any flavor based on the other ingredients in your preparation or your taste preferences.

Schnapps are available in intense and mild flavors, so you need to choose carefully the one that best complements your other ingredients.

Add it to a refreshing cocktail, mocktail, or a beverage, and enjoy each sip with its delightful taste.


7. Whiskey


Best For: Alcoholic replacement for vodka, cocktails, cooked recipes, etc.

Whiskey is another popular alcoholic drink, just like rum. The end product may look different because, unlike vodka, it is not a clear drink. But, whiskey is quite bitter as compared to rum or vodka. So try it as a substitute only if you are a fan of whiskey.

Whiskey is available in different types: malt-based, scotch-based, or even coffee-flavored. You can combine it with other diluents mentioned above as well for an added taste.

Pro Tip: Whiskey is a good sider with any meal and aids in digestion, so incorporating it in limited quantities is a bonus. It goes best with anything sweet like cookies, cakes, etc. too.


8. Lemonade


Best for: Cooking, cocktails, mocktails, etc.

If you want a citrusy zest to your drinks, then lemonade may be a perfect addition to any beverage. It serves as a non-alcoholic replacement for vodka and is much sweeter. Great for all age groups to add in mocktails or any beverages, lemonade is sweet.

Therefore, if adding in mocktails, you must choose your other ingredients carefully to complement the sweetness of lemonade.

Another great substitute for lemonade can also be lime juice which is less sweet. In fact, lime juice can be used in cooking and baking.

If using it in cocktails like an espresso martini, lemonade may not be the best substitute for vodka. You can use tonic water or sparkling water instead!


9. Premade Vodka Sauce

Best for: Sauces, Pasta, cooked dishes, etc.

Vodka sauce is an excellent ingredient in many cooked recipes like pasta, spaghetti, etc. In fact, it cuts out the sweetish tanginess from tomatoes used in pasta sauce and enhances the flavor even further. It cuts out the sharp taste of tomatoes and helps in making your dishes subtle.

Vodka sauce is available in several brands like Pregos or Bertolli. These are available in different concentrations and can be used to substitute vodka. You can easily avail it in retail stores like Walmart, Target, etc.


10. Mezcal

Best for: Ice creams

Mezcal is popular amongst ice cream makers. It adds smoothness to the ice cream and improves the overall texture. Especially during the churning process, adding Mezcal or vodka adds to the overall smoothness of the cream and helps in better whisking.

Mezcal is also clear as vodka, so the difference is negligible. In fact, it serves better as a non-alcoholic substitute. In fact, Mezcal also brings a delicious smoky taste to your dessert preparations.


Here is a list of the possible applications of vodka and the best-suggested substitutes:

Applications/Uses Substitutes for Vodka
Baking Juice, water, apple cider vinegar
Cooking Brandy, bourbon, juice, water, white wine
Frying Water
Ice cream Mezcal, White rum, gin
Mojito, Martinis White rum
Baking, Pies, Cakes Whiskey
Vodka sauce Premade vodka sauce
Marmalade Gin
Food coloring/flavor Lemon extract
Batter Water, Beer

Is vodka good or bad for you?

vodka is good or bad

Simply put, vodka in limited quantities is beneficial. However, if consumed in excess, it can cause side effects like any other alcoholic drink has!

Vodka basically comprises starch that comes from grains. Alongside, it has sugar, yeast, and alcohol. Since it contains yeast, it undergoes fermentation, and the alcohol is finally aged and stored in barrels before it is used commercially. Therefore, the fermentation reduces the total starch content to almost zero in vodka.

The nutritional value differs from the source of grain used and the type. Generally, starch is used from grains like sorghum, corn, rye, wheat, etc. It has zero sugar, starch, fat, and minimal calories.

100 mL of vodka can have around 231 calories, 1mg sodium, and 1mg potassium. Else, the nutritional benefits are almost negligible. It’s only water and alcohol!


1. Vodka improves heart health

heart health 

Proper blood flow is essential to maintain overall heart health as it reduces the risk of strokes and blood pressure. Vodka has a dilating effect on your arteries. If our arteries are dilated, it helps in the free flow of blood to the heart!

Additionally, it helps increase the amount of good cholesterol, i.e., High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) in the body. This keeps the overall cholesterol level balanced.


2. Vodka is a good stress-buster

stress buster

Vodka has an overall relaxing effect on the brain and helps in calming your senses. This helps keep stress at bay, and you can unwind with a glass of vodka after a hard day or relax!


3. Vodka helps deal with obesity

Vodka has a very minimal calorie content. Therefore, a glass daily would not harm if incorporated with meals. If taken in proper proportions and your meal, it can also aid in digestion.


4. It helps in skin and hair growth

skin and hair growth

Vodka has antitoxin properties that help remove acne and dirt from your skin. It also helps tighten your pores, which is why it is used in several toners and skin cleansers. Since it has cleansing properties, you can also use it on your scalp to remove dirt and promote hair growth.


5. Used in cooking

Use vodka as a sider in many recipes; a few spoons can add a lot of difference to your dish’s taste. It improves the overall flavor and aroma of several preparations like pasta, noodles, and other gravies and cuisines.

Additionally, if used in cakes and pies containing wheat flour, the spirits in vodka limit the dough from making excess gluten. This prevents your cakes from getting gooey and gives the perfect crust, making them crunchy and adequate in terms of texture.

If used in excess, vodka can damage your nervous system. Some of the most common side effects of vodka are:

  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Anxiety
  • Elevated blood pressure


What can you use vodka for in cooking?

Vodka can be added to sauces, pasta, and meat for an extra flick of taste and texture. However, one should not go overboard as an excess of it might disrupt the entire taste of the dish.

Why do people use vodka in baking?

Adding vodka to the dough prevents the formation of gluten. This makes the recipe flaky and less chewy. One can also add vodka to make pie crusts more crispy and delicious.

Can you substitute vodka for wine in cooking?

One can use white wine in place of vodka for cooking. However, it might not always recreate the same consistency and texture in the dish.


Vodka is easy to use and a flavor-enhancing ingredient that blends with almost any recipe and cooking style. However, if you are looking for a suitable vodka replacement, we have listed the 10 best vodka substitutes above.

Each of them has a unique property and taste that enhances the overall quality of your recipes. According to us, the best alcoholic substitute would be rum or white rum. The best non-alcoholic substitute would be tonic water or soda water. You can even consider lemonade if looking for a sweeter alternative.

Please read our article above and tell us which serves as your best substitute for vodka in the comments section below!

Cheers, until then!

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