11 Best Substitutes For Wonton Wrappers

Best Substitutes For Wonton Wrappers

Anime fans know how delicious and appetizing food looks in animation, especially wontons. Not only are they famous in Japan, but they are gradually becoming an essential delicacy in Western countries.

But wait, what if you are out of wonton wrappers, or they aren’t available in your locality? Should you simply give up on your wonton dream? Not at all. In the absence of wonton wrappers, you can try using spring roll wrappers, egg roll wrappers, or Shumai wrappers.

If you want to learn more about it, we suggest going through the following article, where we shall discuss the 11 best substitutes for wonton wrappers. Along with that, we have mentioned the best recipe for preparing homemade wonton wrappers.


What is a Wonton Wrapper? 

What is a Wonton Wrapper 

Before we get started with the substitutes, it is best to understand what wonton wrappers are. This will help you understand and choose its substitutes.

While you might not have bought wonton wrappers before as a raw ingredient, you must have eaten them, especially if you are an Asian cuisine fan.

Wonton wrappers are thin sheets made out of dough containing egg, water, and flour. The sheets are either cut into square or round shapes. 

The fillings are wrapped with these wonton wrappers and sealed shut in the two best ways. Either you can pull all the edges towards the center or use another sheet to cover it up.

These can be deep-fried, pan-fried, steamed, or boiled.

Dimensions: Square-shaped and 3 inches wide


Best Substitutes for Wonton Wrappers

Now that we have covered a brief about wonton wrappers, let us move forward with its substitutes.

1. Egg Roll Wrappers

If you want an exact replica of wonton wrappers in terms of taste, we recommend egg roll wrappers. Unlike spring roll wrappers, egg roll wrappers contain egg, thereby making them taste almost exactly like wonton wrappers.

They are made with flour, water, egg, and cornstarch. These wrappers are thick and doughy. Once you deep-fry them, you’ll notice them blistering up. Such a texture makes them chewy and crunchy.

Our favorite egg roll wrappers recipe contains a filling of rice noodles, pork, vegetables, and mushrooms. Stuff it, fold them, and deep-fry them. They go best with Asian sauces like sweet teriyaki or sweet chili sauce.

Dimensions: Square-shaped and 6.5 inches wide

2. Rice Paper Wrappers 

Rice paper wrappers are widely found in Vietnamese restaurants as they are extensively used for preparing those delicious and scrumptious salad rolls or summer rolls. These super thin wrappers are made with rice, water, and salt. Such a solid and simple foundation allows you to use it to prepare wontons and other such assorted items.

Since these wrappers do not have any significant taste, you will not have to worry about this substitute changing the taste of your wontons.

Dimensions: Any shape and 6 inches wide. 

3. Spring Roll Wrappers

Next, we have something that would be readily available online as well as in your local supermarket- spring roll wrappers.

Spring roll wrappers are almost the same as wonton wrappers. The only major difference is that the former doesn’t contain any eggs. They are only made of rice flour and water. 

Once the dough is prepared, it is stamped on bamboo mats to prepare thin sheets. They are brittle and translucent.

These wrappers are a preferred choice for making Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls. 

You’ll find several types of spring roll wrappers according to their ingredients. For example, you’ll find wrappers made with wheat flour that are too thick. You might also come across wrappers made from tapioca flour that are too fragile.

If you want to make the perfect spring roll, it is best to stick with wrappers made from rice flour. Not only will those wrappers hold the fillings, but they will also add a spectrum of flavors to your dish.

Dimensions: Square-shaped and 8 inches wide 




4. Shumai Wrappers

Shumai wrappers are similar to wonton wrappers in terms of shape and ingredients. However, you might find Japanese shumai wrappers to be smaller and thinner in comparison with Chinese wrappers.

These wrappers are made with flour, salt, and water. Even though it does not contain eggs, the taste is extremely similar.

Since they are similar in terms of shapes, the wrapping should be pretty easy and straightforward.

Even though our favorite filling with shumai wrappers is pork, you can try beef, shrimp, mutton, or peppers. Serve it with chili or soy sauce.

Dimensions: Square-shaped or round and 3 inches wide


5. Gyoza Wrappers 

Gyoza wrappers get their name from Gyoza, which is a Japanese dumpling dish. These wrappers are made with wheat flour, oil, and salt.

As compared to the Chinese Gyoza wrappers, you’ll find the Japanese options to be much thinner.

Even though Gyoza and wonton wrappers are similar, the only difference lies in the thickness. Gyoza wrappers are thinner than wonton wrappers. So, it is best to be extra delicate while dealing with them.

You can use them for serving with soup or ramen.

Dimensions: Round-shaped and 4 inches wide


6. Chicken Skin

If nothing seems to be going your way, you can try your hand at substituting wonton wrappers with chicken skin. Not only is this option inexpensive, but it will also add firmness to your dish.

Chicken skin is thinner than wonton wrappers, so it is advisable to be delicate while using and cooking with them. You must be extra delicate while wrapping and storing it as well.

Since it contains unsaturated fat, you will get a flavorful taste. This makes it best for those who do not like the flavor of wonton wrappers.

Dimensions: Any shape and 2 inches wide 


7. Dumpling Wrappers

Dumpling Wrappers

Much confusion surrounds dumpling wrappers, so let us clear the air first.

Dumpling wrappers and wonton wrappers look the same. But the difference lies in shape. Wonton wrappers are square-shaped, while the dumpling wrappers are round.

Secondly, people get confused between dumpling wrappers and gyoza wrappers as well. It is important to know that Gyoza is a dumpling itself, but that does not mean that all dumplings are Gyoza. 

Dumplings is an umbrella term that represents a dish with dough stuffed with savory or sweet fillings. On the other hand, Gyoza is a Japanese dish that includes steamed and as well pan-fried dumplings with savory fillings.

Dumpling wrappers are made with flour and water. As compared to wonton wrappers, they are significantly thinner, which makes them more challenging to work with.

Try to lessen the filling to avoid any leaking fillings or broken wrappers.

Dimensions: Round-shaped and 3 ¾ inches wide


8. Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage Leaves

Are you looking for a way to convince yourself that you are eating healthy? If yes, try cabbage leaves instead of wonton wrappers.

Cabbage leaves bring forth crunchiness to the dumplings.

All you have to do is cut the cabbage leaf as per the required size and remove the core. Place the filling or the mixture at once end of the leaf and roll tightly.

Dimensions: Differs as and how you cut the cabbage 


9. Beancurd Sheets

Beancurd Sheets

Beancurd sheets, also known as tofu sheets, are a healthier option as compared to wonton wrappers.

They are made from the thin layer that forms over the shimmering and fresh soymilk. Apart from making dumplings with meat or seafood, you can also use them in soups ad sticky buns.

These sheets are versatile since you can steam or fry them without worrying about any leakages of the filling.

This option is also reliable for vegans.

Dimensions: Rectangle-shaped and 8 inches wide 


10. Vegan Wonton Wrappers

Vegan Wonton Wrappers

If you are a vegan and you are unable to find beancurd sheets, you can also try vegan wonton wrappers. They are made of flour, water, and cornstarch.

Not only can you make these wrappers at home, but you will also find them easily online as well as in the nearest supermarket.

You can use these wrappers to prepare sweet as well as savory dumplings.

Dimensions: Square-shaped and 3 inches wide

11. Homemade Wonton Wrappers 

If none of the aforementioned substitutes seem to be working for you, you can try making homemade wonton wrappers. Don’t worry; the recipe is pretty straightforward.

Ingredients Required:

  • Egg
  • Water
  • Salt
  • All-purpose flour

Start by beating the egg in a bowl and mix it with water. Take another bowl and mix the all-purpose flour and salt. Pour the egg and water mixture and mix well. Knead the dough and cover it with a damp cloth for a few minutes. Cut it into equal pieces and roll it into 10 1/2×10 1/2-inch squares.

How to Store Wonton Wrappers? 

How to Store Wonton Wrappers

If you want to make the most out of your wonton wrappers, it is necessary to store them properly, failing which they’ll end up dry and cracked.

Unopened wonton wrappers must be kept in the refrigerator.

In case you have opened the pack, it is best to transfer them into a zip-lock bag to preserve the quality. Pop them in the freezer, and you’ll be able to use them for months.

This method is not only suitable for wonton wrappers but for all other kinds of wrappers as well.

If it is store-bought, you must check the manufacturing date before using them.

How long do Wonton Wrappers last?

If you have an opened packet of wonton wrappers, you can transfer it to an airtight container and place it in the fridge. This will help you use them for 7-10 days. If you want to store your wonton wrappers for a couple of months, freezing is the key. Transfer them to an airtight container and freeze them.

You can transfer the container from the freezer to the refrigerator to thaw it overnight and use as usual.


Are dumplings and wontons the same thing?

Even though dumplings and wontons might look the same, the difference lies in their fillings. Dumplings contain fillings or ingredients, but wontons contain stuffing made out of vegetables, meat, or seafood.

In other words, wontons are a form of dumpling.


Can I use filo pastry instead of wonton wrappers?

Filo pastry dough is thicker than wonton wrappers. Even though you can use them as a substitute, you will definitely feel a difference.

Can you substitute tortillas for wonton wrappers?

If you want to experiment with your food and bring something new to the table in terms of taste and texture, you can substitute tortillas for wonton wrappers.

Are wonton wrappers vegan?

Since wonton wrappers are made with eggs, they are not vegan. But you might find vegan wonton wrappers in supermarkets. If not, you can make yours at home by using cornstarch instead of eggs.


Wonton wrappers are not difficult to find. But why not take your dishes to a whole new level with the aforementioned options. While spring roll and egg roll wrappers are our favorites, you can also try vegan options like cabbage or beancurd sheets. 

Fold them to perfection, and let your wontons or dumplings take you over with their wholesomeness!

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