Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Process

If you are putting your trust in our website, it is our duty to present our editorial process to you. So, let us take you through the entire process that our researchers and writers undertake.

Step 1: Research

Our articles are not written based on the knowledge available online. All the topics are researched by food experts, nutritionists, and chefs. We take this extra step to ensure the authenticity of our website and articles.

In addition to that, we also research according to the current trends so that our articles are up-to-date.


Step 2: Writing and Adding Visuals

Once we have garnered all the relevant knowledge, our team of writers get to work. They use their skills to write interactive as well as informative articles.

We also include infographics and visuals to make our articles easier to understand and interpret.


Step 3: Verification based on Science

Like we mentioned before, our articles are based on facts. So, we verify all the facts as per the scientific knowledge of our team of nutrients.


Step 4: Verifying By Editorial Team

Once the articles are written, it is checked by our chief editors to get the necessary feedback. On the basis of that, the changes are made for the betterment of the articles.


Step 5: Checking Facts by Medical Reviewer

As our articles are food-based, we also get them checked by a medical expert to verify the facts and nutrition knowledge.


Step 6: Publishing

Once all the boxes are checked, we publish the articles and patiently wait for your feedback.