Does Horseradish Sauce Go Bad? How Long It Lasts, How to Store, What’s Shelf Life and More

Does Horseradish Sauce Go Bad

A quick trip to the farmer’s market or the supermarket months ago prompted you to buy a bottle of Horseradish sauce. However, you couldn’t put it to good use due to certain circumstances. Now, months later, you feel like using it as a salad dressing or dip. But should you?

Even though horseradish sauce has a good shelf life, it cannot be used forever. You can look out for certain indications or opt for better storage options to retain its quality.

Don’t worry; the following article will highlight all the relevant information you’ll need to preserve your horseradish sauce for a long period.

How to Use Horseradish? What are some foods that go well with horseradish?

Fresh Horseradish can be consumed with steak or prime rib. Since it is consumed as a condiment, it can help the overall taste and flavor of the dish.

Apart from that, it can be served with deviled eggs, potato salads, roast beef sandwiches, etc.

Does Horseradish Go Bad After Opening?

Can Horseradish Go Bad?

For starters, horseradish sauce does rot and go bad over time. However, the entire process takes a long time, and average consumers barely notice it. Horseradish is the ingredient that comes with a longer shelf life.

The store-purchased horseradish sauce comes with the best-before or best-buy date mentioned on the label. The sauce will retain its quality until the mentioned time. Even after that, proper storage requirements are necessary.    

The pro tip is that, after opening, users must try to finish the condiments in a few months. The zest and flavor of the sauce start degrading over time. Fortunately, the sauce remains edible after the best-before time, but you won’t experience the kicks that you once enjoyed when bought from the store.

As a matter of fact, the home-prepared horseradish sauce tends to last for 2-3 weeks if properly refrigerated.


Classification Pantry Refrigerator
Unopened Horseradish Sauce One-Two Years or Until Best-Buy Period Not Required
Opened Horseradish Sauce Not Suggested 1-3 Months

   These are just general estimates, as the real shelf life of the sauce depends on the storage conditions and preparation techniques.


How to Tell If Horseradish Sauce has Gone Bad? 

When it comes to bottled horseradish sauce, determining if it is edible to use or not is necessary. There are a few signs that users have to look at to know if the sauce has gone bad.


Signs of Mold

If there is mold in the jar or something suspicious, it is not good to use the sauce further. It indicates that the sauce has gone bad, and you must discard it. The mold build-up will cause a reaction with the condiments and change the color of the surface.


Odd Funny Smell

The second most common sign of spoilage is the funny, odd, off smell of the sauce. The condiments in the sauce tend to smell off, and your nose becomes your tool to figure out if it is safe and edible or has gone bad.


Bitter Taste

Over time, the horseradish sauce tends to get bland and lose the zest and taste bitter. As you open the jar’s lid, the condiments start reacting with surface air, and it starts rotting. It tastes bitter with a foul smell, and it is a sign of spoilage.

Pro Tips

If the jar is open and sitting in the fridge for some time now, toss it before using. Its quality must have degraded, even if the sauce looks fine and tastes better. It helps mix all condiments uniformly to taste better.


How long does horseradish sauce last in the Refrigerator Vs. Shelf Stable?  

As per popular food magazine, there are two different types of horseradish sauce available – the shelf-stable and refrigerated.


Shelf Stable

The shelf-stable version of horseradish sauce is prepared with stabilizers, oil, and sweeteners. They are cohesive in texture and fairly creamy. These sauces are best for storage at room temperature. But, after opening the jar, refrigeration is needed to extend its life expectancy.



The refrigerated version of horseradish sauce lacks all these ingredients and is prepared with minimal condiments. They are coarse in texture and loose. The refrigerated version comes with natural spices which can’t survive in the harsh temperature outside the refrigerator.

So, after opening it, the sauce must be refrigerated to reduce bacterial activities and heighten its shelf life. The pro tip is that users must only remove the sauce from the fridge when needed and keep it back as soon as possible. Refrigeration prevents the bacteria from reproducing and outnumbering.

As a matter of fact, the horseradish sauce remains edible until the vacuum pressure is intact and the lid is not open by the expiration time and date.


Can You Get Sick From Eating Old Horseradish?

To be honest, horseradish sauce is edible for at least a month after the expiry date. Once the bottle is opened, the sauce’s condiments start degrading in quality, and hence it is suggested to consume it within 1-2 months after opening.

Can horseradish give you food poisoning?

Experts suggest avoiding the sauce after its expiration because it may have negative effects on your health. Some of the common side effects include bloody vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach upset.

In most severe cases, the expired horseradish sauce may also hamper the functioning of thyroid glands in the body. Some people may also experience allergic reactions or skin irritation, depending upon the preparation methods and ingredients used in preparing the sauce.


Can You Freeze Horseradish Sauce?

Can You Freeze Horseradish Sauce


Yes, you can freeze the store-bought horseradish sauce, especially if you use the sauce around the year. It helps preserve the sauce for a year.

As per nutritional magazine Healtholino, it is okay to freeze the sauce if you use it for longer. But, the taste may change, and you may not get the same quality and spicy taste as the fresh bottle of horseradish sauce.


How To Properly Store Horseradish Sauce?

Consider the following instruction for popper storage of Horseradish Sauce.

How to Store Horseradish Sauce

For Unopened Bottle

For the commercially purchased horseradish sauce, there are no strict instructions for its storage as it can be stored like other condiments and sauces. It means as long as the bottle is unopened and the vacuum is intact, you can keep it at room temperature in cool and dry places.

However, you have to ensure storing it in areas that are away from heat sources and sunlight. Your pantry is a good area, but keeping it in a kitchen cupboard is always better.    


For Opened Bottle

As you open the bottle of horseradish sauce for consumption, the storage methods change.


In Pantry

Users are urged to store the opened jar of horseradish sauce in the pantry if they plan to use it in a couple of days. If you think consuming the sauce is not possible in two to three days, it is best to refrigerate it.


In Refrigerator

After opening the bottle of horseradish sauce, it is best to store it in the refrigerator. But, you have to ensure that the lid is sealed tightly before refrigerating. It would be best to keep the sauce in the bottle without transferring it to another container.


Pros Tips to Extend Life
  • If you want to keep the horseradish sauce for a prolonged period, ensure to store the bottle upside down. It helps in sustaining the freshness of the sauce longer.
  • When it comes to using the sauce, you must prefer using clean cutlery and avoid double-dipping it. It helps prevent the chance of microbial contamination, which accelerates the spoilage process of the sauce.

What are the Alternatives to horseradish Sauce if it has gone bad?

In case you are unable to use your horseradish sauce, you can resort to the following alternatives. Don’t worry; you shall not experience any difference in taste or texture.

  • Primal Kitchen Organic Dijon Mustard
  • Eden Foods Wasabi Powder
  • K Pop! Foods Kimchi Mayo Sauce
  • ISH Premium Horseradish – Dairy-Free

Frequently Asked Questions


Does unopened horseradish sauce go bad?

The unopened bottle of horseradish sauce comes with a shelf life, and it tends to last for 365 days or even more, depending upon the preparation and ingredients. After opening the commercially bought horseradish sauce, it lasts for three to four months. But, proper refrigeration is needed to extend its shelf life and maintain the taste of the sauce.


Why Does Horseradish Sauce Turn Grey?

Discoloration of the sauce is common because of the condiments in the horseradish root. They are high in acid, and the oxygenation process causes discoloration, and it stimulates when acid content is higher. If you prepare the sauce at home, prefer adding some cream to the horseradish to stabilize the acidity level.


What Happens If You Consume Too Much Horseradish Sauce?

Horseradish roots are too intense and strong. It is high in acid content and may irritate the stomach, mouth, and nose, especially when you consume the sauce excessively. In some cases, the condition may worsen, and consumers may experience upset stomach, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders.


Does Horseradish Sauce Have Preservatives?

You will find several Horseradish sauces with preservatives, mostly the ones that are sold commercially. This is to prolong the shelf life. However, you can always check the fine print to get a better understanding.


Does horseradish sauce go bad at room temperature?

Jarred horseradish sauce can retain its quality at room temperature as long as it remains unopened. The minute you open the jar or bottle, you will have to refrigerate it.


Does horseradish have dairy?

If we talk about horseradish on its own, this European plant is 100% vegan. But the horseradish sauce might contain mayo and dairy. So, you might want to check the label before making any purchase.

The Bottom Line

Horseradish sauces are popular for their pungent taste and flavor. Whether you buy commercial sauce or prepare it at home, all will go bad after a certain period.

The bottled sauce needs optimal room temperature for storage until it is unopened. However, the sauce needs proper cooling and temperature to last longer once it is opened.

Nothing can be better than tossing the sauce out and discarding it if you see any unpleasant smell, discoloration, or molds on the horseradish sauce.


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