Does Nesquik Powder Expire or Go Bad? How Long Is It Good For?

Does Nesquik Powder Expire or Go Bad

Did you purchase a massive batch of Nesquik powder and wonder if it is safe for a long time? Or have you found an expired can at the back of your pantry? Well, we can help you!

These powders have made their way into every household with kids since they are rich in calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients. You can use these powders way past their date of expiration fearlessly!

In this article, we will discuss in detail the factors you should consider before consuming an expired can of these powders. We will also shed some light on some fantastic tips that can help you improve the shelf life of your cans!

Does Nesquik Powder Expire or Go Bad

These powders have a best-by-date or sell-by-date printed on the back of the container. According to the USDA, this date designates the time frame during which the consumer won’t detect any product quality decline. The user can consume it after this date.

Hence, even if the powder has passed its expiration date, it is safe to use as long as it is free from any visible contamination.


How Long Does Nesquik Powder Last?

How Long Does Nesquik Powder Last?

Well, these powders can last for a very long time without showing any signs of spoilage. However, storing them in a clean and dry place is advised.

Opened: Once the can is opened, the powder will lose its taste as days pass by. The date printed on the can indicates that beyond this date, the consumer may notice a significant decline in the quality of the product.
However,r once the can is opened and kept safely, you can continue to use it and drink it for about 2 years.

Unopened: Here is some good news! Unopened milk powders can last for about 10 to 15 years as long as the can is not damaged. Hence, if you have purchased them in bulk, you can rest assured that they are safe for a decade!

Authors Note: While storing the cheese in your kitchen or pantry, ensure the powder is kept from significant temperature fluctuations and moisture. Hence, do not store it near a sink or in direct sunlight.


How to Know if Nesquik Powder has Gone Bad

How to Know if Nesquik Powder has Gone Bad

Nesquik powders have an amorphous texture, cream color, and a visibly velvety finish. If you notice that any of the above characteristics are missing, you can self-evaluate the can and determine if the powder is fit for consumption or should be discarded.


One of the first visible signs of spoilage in these powders is discoloration. If exposed to moisture, these powders’ color changes and eventually becomes yellow or brown. Since these powders have a white-cream color, one can quickly notice any change in the original color.


These powders have a high protein content, glucose, and other vitamins; hence, it is ideal for the proliferation of molds and other microbes. If it is not stored correctly or exposed to moisture, microbes can flourish on these powders and make them inedible.

Molds are easy to spot; they usually appear in black, green, grey, or white colors. You can discard the entire can if you notice either of the colors mentioned above.


These powders have a smooth texture. Change in texture may not indicate spoilage; however, it impacts the milk powder’s overall taste and quality.

If you notice lumps in the powder, it may significantly change the flavor of your favorite milk.


Anything spoilt will release a pungent odor. Since this is a dairy product, the smell released will be impossible to miss. Hence, it is always an excellent option to sniff your powder before mixing it in your milk.


Since these powders are sweet, it may not be surprising to find pests and ants inhabiting them if you do not remember to close the can properly. If you find insects in the powder, it is way past its revival and unfit for consumption. You can put it in your bin without a thought.


Can You Eat Nesquik Powder After the Expiration Date?

Can You Eat Nesquik Powder After the Expiration Date?

As mentioned earlier, these powders can last 10 years after their best-by date as long as they are stored under the appropriate conditions. Hence, you won’t notice any significant health issues after consuming it.

However, as the powder gets old, there are chances that the taste and texture of the powder will also go down in quality significantly. If you are not very particular about the taste, you can eat or drink it after its expiration date.

However, when you open the can, ensure it is free from mold and other insects before consuming it.


Can you Store Nesquik Chocolate Milk In A Freezer?

Ideally, it is advisable not to store milk powders in the freezer because they can last in the pantry for years before going bad. However, if you wish to freeze the powder, divide it into small portions to limit the constant thawing and refreezing.


Tips to increase the Shelf Life of Nesquik Chocolate Milk

Here are six tips that can help you increase the overall life span of your favorite chocolate milk powder.

Tip 1: It is advisable to keep the milk powder in its original container since it is robust and can stand the test of time.
Tip 2: Avoid refrigerating the can once it has been opened to prevent cross-contamination with other flavors and aromas.
Tip 3: You must store these powders in a cool and dry place free from moisture and molds.
Tip 4: Avoid storing these powders in clear glass containers since it will facilitate the interaction of the particles with sunlight.
Tip 5: One of the ingredients in the formulation of these powders is cocoa. As mentioned in this research article, these particles are prone to oxidation. Hence, keep the jar closed for a short time.
Tip 6: While scooping the powder out, make sure you use dry and free utensils from water droplets. If you use a wet spoon and scoops, it will eventually deteriorate the quality of the powder and result in the formation of lumps.


FAQs About Nesquik Going Bad

In this section, we will answer some commonly asked questions.

Is chocolate Nesquik good for you?

Answer: Nesquik is popular amongst kids because of its unique taste, whereas parents love it because it is a quick fix for their kids and makes the entire ordeal of milk consumption relatively easy. Furthermore, the milk formulation is fortified with Vitamin A and Vitamin D, which can aid in children’s bone development. As per the official website, it has enough calcium to satiate 50% of the daily requirement; hence, this milk is good for you.


What can we do with expired milk powder?

Answer: Since milk powder is full of nutrients and vitamins, it’s best to use them to create new recipes that involve cooking at high temperatures. Since most microbes will not be able to increase at such temperatures, one of the best ways to involve them in cooking is by baking cookies and brownies.


How long does an unopened can of Nesquik powder last?

Answer: These milk powders can endure for roughly 10 years without any issues as long as the packaging is not altered and the can is stored in a clean and dry place. It is imperative to store it away from direct sunlight; hence, a pantry is ideal for these cans.



Nesquik powders can be used for roughly 2 years after expiration if stored under optimum conditions. You can use the can unopened for approximately 10 to 15 years without complications.

However, once the can has been opened, pay extra attention to how you store them. Avoid keeping the can open for a long time and limit its interaction with sunlight and moisture to increase the stay time of these powders.

I hope you found this article helpful; if you have any other queries regarding these powders, feel free to reach out in the comment section below.

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