Can I Use A Towel Instead Of An Oven Mitt?

Can I Use A Towel Instead Of An Oven Mitt

Certain kitchen appliances are necessary to prevent accidental spills. One such thing that protects your hand while handling hot cookware is an oven mitt. But those who do not have access to oven mitts rely on towels. But does that work?

Well, a towel can work as an oven mitt while handling hot dishes. Not only is this method practical, but it also saves you from spending additional money on oven mitts.

But there’s more to the story as you will have to keep a few things in mind while using towels instead of an oven mitt. Along with that, we have also included additional alternatives to cater to subjective needs. Read along and find out what they are!

Is Using Towels Instead Of Oven Mitts OK?

Oven Mitt

It’s absolutely OK to use kitchen towels instead of oven mitts. The most crucial factor to consider is whether or not you feel secure utilizing them. It’s OK to use towels to handle cookware as long as you feel in control.

Please keep in mind that you usually have to fold towels two or three times while picking up hot objects. If you only use one layer of towels, you won’t get enough of a buffer.


How Do You Turn Dish Towels Into Potholders?

Potholders are handy gadgets that allow us to handle hot plates and pans safely. They are essential since we cannot safely grasp hot items with our bare hands. Something to keep our hands from getting burnt when holding hot things is required.

Dishcloths may be turned into potholders in a variety of ways.

Method 1: Cutting off the bottom section of the dish towel and folding it back is one option. Then, to make a loop, knot the ends together. This is how a potholder is made.

Method 2: Another option is to snip a corner of the dish towel and flip it over. After that, you may place it on top of another dish towel. Finally, knot the two sections together to create a loop that may be used as a handle.


Why Is Using A Wet Potholder Or Towel A Bad Idea?

wet towel

It’s never a good idea to handle hot goods with damp potholders, towels, or oven mitts. Heat will be conducted by the surplus water, defeating the function of these products (i.e., to protect your hands). You are more likely to scald or burn your skin if you’re working with a moist towel during cooking.

However, some oven mitts on the market are made with waterproof silicone material. So, if you’re worried about using a damp towel by accident, you might want to look into one of these items.


What’s the Difference Between a Flour Sack Towel and a Tea Towel?

Currently, tea towels and flour sack towels are the two most common types of kitchen towels. While these towels have many similarities, there are a few differences that rookie chefs should be aware of.

To begin with, tea towels were created for that treasured British tradition: tea time! These towels were sometimes ornately embroidered and utilized for light chores like protecting your hands when opening a tea kettle.

Tea towels are usually made out of Linen material, and they are not thick enough. Tea towels are ideal for drying breakable things such as glasses, china, and teacups!


Other Alternatives To Oven Mitts

Not too sure about oven mitts, but find using a towel too risky? Here are some alternatives to oven mitts you can use!

1. Mitts Made Of Silicon

Silicone mitts can be used instead of oven mitts if you find them challenging to work with or don’t have any. Silicone mittens are a high-quality, durable, and elastic alternative to cotton mitts.

The silicone mittens allow a person to accomplish various kitchen tasks without having to worry about their hands. Silicone mittens provide improved grip as well as heat protection.


2. Quilted Gloves (Traditional)

Instead of using oven mitts, chefs might utilize traditional quilted gloves. Quilted gloves’ cushioning effect aids in keeping a firm hold on kitchen dishes, skillets, and pans. The quilted mittens are simple to put on and take off.


3. Asteroid Mini Cotton Mitts

Asteroid Mini Cotton Mitts are a great option since they are 100% durable and high-quality material. The rough surfaces of Asteroid tiny cotton mitts assist users in cooking more effectively in the kitchen.

They’re available on Amazon and at various places; get them and make your kitchen more convenient.


Is it Possible for Towels to Carry Bacteria?

Kitchen Towels

It is pretty easy to forget which towel goes where in the kitchen, especially when you’re busy cooking. Unfortunately, this implies that harmful bacteria might readily enter your towels and kitchenware. So, if you use towels for many functions, you run the risk of spreading infections like staph or salmonella.

As a result, you should be especially cautious when cleaning up accidents, covering coughs, and preparing meals with towels. Don’t use your towel if you have any worries about it! Before cooking, it’s always best to discard soiled towels in the laundry and get fresh ones.

Pro Tip: We recommend you pre-measure your spices and herbs before seasoning raw meat. This easy method reduces the chance of hazardous germs spreading to salt and pepper shakers. It also makes it less likely that you’ll go for a towel while your hands are still contaminated.


What material would you recommend for an oven mitt?

Silicone is considered to be the best material for an oven mitt as it provides better grip and heat protection. If not, one can also use other materials like Kevlar and Nomex.

Why is it important to use oven mitts?

Oven mitts are necessary to protect the hand from heat. They come in handy while dealing with hot dishes and pans.

Why we use cloth for potholders or oven gloves?

Cloth is considered to be ideal for potholders and oven gloves as it can withstand heat. Wool is not considered to be a reliable option when it comes to dealing with hot dishes.


While you should keep kitchen towels on hand at all times, the decision to use them instead of oven mitts is yours. Make sure you don’t grasp your hot pots with a damp or filthy towel. Your hands will not be safe in the kitchen if you use wet towels or oven mitts.

You’ll also need a nice apron if you plan on carrying towels about the kitchen. Hope you found this article helpful. Do you know any other alternatives to oven mitts? Let us know in the comment section!

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