Does Chocolate Syrup Go Bad? How Long Does Chocolate Syrup Last Opened & Unopened?

Does Chocolate Syrup Go Bad

Chocolate syrup is such an underrated thing, and we know you all agree with us. This makes us want to own at least one good bottle of chocolate syrup. But your health might stop you from consuming it all, leaving you with a half-opened bottle, which might get lost in your kitchen pantry.

But now that you have discovered it, you likely want to know how long will it last or is still safe to consume even after years. While it does go bad after a certain point, you can maintain its quality and sweet taste with the right storage methods.

But what are those methods? How can you store it? How will you know when your chocolate syrup has gone bad? If these questions linger in your mind, do not stop scrolling as we have all the answers for you!


Does Chocolate Syrup Go Bad?

Chocolate Syrup

Yes, chocolate syrup does go bad after a specific time. But luckily, it has a longer shelf life, and it doesn’t go bad that quickly.

Storing a jar of chocolate syrup right does a lot more good to it than you can imagine. Also, various factors contribute to increasing its shelf life. But how long it will last depends on the type of chocolate syrup you own.

There are various ways you can tell if your chocolate syrup has gone bad. This is important since consuming spoiled or expired chocolate syrup can harm your health than any good.

So let us first know how to tell if your chocolate syrup has gone bad or is all fine to consume.


How do you know when Chocolate Syrup goes bad?

We know that chocolate syrup goes bad but not how to tell if it has gone bad unless you notice something different in it. Well, thanks to our senses, that’s the only way to tell if the chocolate syrup has gone bad.

First thing first, change in flavors is one of the ways it shoes its spoilage. When you pour a spoon of chocolate syrup into your glass of chocolate shake and find it mild, you should know it has gone bad. This also could mean its flavors are degrading due to its age.

So consider using it up as soon as possible to avoid wastage.

Secondly, when chocolate syrup spoils, it develops an off smell. The ingredients start to age with time or when it comes in contact with different or other bacterias, eventually resulting in strange-smelling chocolate syrup.

Also, sometimes chocolate syrup develops mold when left out for a longer duration. Moisture present in the atmosphere can accelerate mold growth due to oxidation, which eventually spoils chocolate syrup.

When chocolate syrup spoils, it tends to get thick or runny due to various chemical reactions. So this makes it mandatory to store your chocolate syrup right to make the most out of it.

So it won’t be wrong to let your senses decide if the chocolate syrup has gone bad apart from its expiry date. The quality of chocolate syrup is at its best until it tastes, smells, and looks pleasing.

Make sure to discard it as soon as you notice any kind of change in its original flavors. If you are confused, give it a taste and consume it only if it tastes similar to when you bought it.

It not only will spoil the taste of your entire dish but can also lead to severe health issues. So let us know how long it lasts before it starts to lose its flavors and eventually goes bad.


How long does chocolate syrup last (shelf life)?

How long does chocolate syrup last

Chocolate syrup can last for ages due to the higher amount of sugar and other preservatives. This keeps chocolate syrup away from oxidizing.

However, the manufacturers mention a best by date, which helps us know precisely how long it will last. That does not mean you cannot consume it post that. You can surely consume it for a week or so even after its expiration.

How long does unopened chocolate syrup last? How long does Chocolate Syrup last once open? 

If you have an unopened bottle of chocolate syrup, it will likely last a year or two after the date of packaging. But if you have an opened bottle of chocolate syrup, it will last around 10 months when stored in a refrigerator. It will even last a year if you are careful with its usage.

How long does homemade chocolate syrup last in the refrigerator? 

But if you have homemade chocolate syrup, it will have a comparatively shorter shelf life. Homemade chocolate syrup lacks extra preventives and so would last around two to four months when refrigerated properly.

Flavors might slowly start to deteriorate as the chocolate syrup ages before it completely goes bad. So make sure you consider checking its taste if you ever find a long-lost bottle of chocolate syrup before consumption.

What makes chocolate syrup last longer?

The main ingredient of any edible decides its shelf life, and the same is with chocolate syrup. Chocolate syrup is made with cocoa, water, corn syrup, and many artificial preservatives. These things altogether have a longer shelf life, and so does chocolate syrup.

The quality of these ingredients, when stored inappropriately, decreases over time which eventually accelerates the degradation of flavors.

This can be avoided when you store chocolate syrup appropriately. Since the shelf life of chocolate syrup largely depends on storage conditions, let us know how to do it right.


How to store chocolate syrup for longer shelf life?

The best and the only way to make the most out of chocolate syrup is by refrigerating it. Chocolate syrup can also be stored out in a kitchen pantry, but only if the weather is winter.

Direct or indirect heat can accelerate its spoilage. Also, you need to make sure it is stored in a dry place. Contact temperature is extremely important when it comes to storing chocolate syrup.

How long does chocolate syrup last in the fridge? 

Refrigerating is the best way to store chocolate syrup. It will help you use this chocolaty and sweet delight for 18 months.

So even if you choose to store it in a refrigerator, keep it away from the door. Fluctuating temperature can create unnecessary moisture inside the bottle, and it’s a complete no-no.

If you choose to store it in a pantry or kitchen cabinet, that’s fine too. The quality might degrade sooner than it would when stored in a refrigerator.

Just make sure where you store it, it is tightly sealed. The flavors won’t fade away quickly, and we know that’s what you want.

However, with homemade chocolate syrup, things are a bit different. Although they are way more healthy than store-bought syrups, they do lack preservatives. So it is mandatory to keep your homemade chocolate syrup in a refrigerator.

One thing you should always be careful about is using clean spoons and containers when it comes to using and storing chocolate syrup. Water droplets or other food particles can spoil your chocolate syrup sooner, and we know that’s the last thing you want.


Can you freeze chocolate syrup?

Well, yes, you can freeze chocolate syrup just like you would freeze chocolates. However, the consistency of every chocolate syrup is different, and hence it will also freeze differently.

Also, freezing it won’t likely affect its shelf life, so we do not consider freezing chocolate syrup a good choice. After freezing chocolate syrup, you will be left with chocolate syrup with a thinner consistency.

Even thawing it won’t make much of a difference. However, freezing homemade chocolate syrup will surely increase its shelf life. Freezing homemade chocolate syrup will turn it into a crystallized form and will also have an odd texture.

While using it, simply warm it up in a double boiler and add some milk.

So yes, freezing store-bought chocolate syrup would make no difference, but homemade chocolate syrup will likely last longer when frozen.


What happens if you eat expired Chocolate Syrup?

Risk of consuming spoiled or expired chocolate syrup

Just like any other spoiled edible, consuming spoiled or expired chocolate syrup has its own risks we often tend to ignore. When left in the open under direct sunlight or near the heat source, the ingredients and preservatives added to chocolate syrup start to break down faster.

This can develop bad bacteria in there, which can make you sick.

Consuming spoiled or expired chocolate syrup will likely make you sick. Upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and even food poisoning are the few risks of consuming spoiled chocolate syrup.

Also, some people have had allergic skin reactions like breakouts, acne, dark patches, and even hair fall after consuming spoiled chocolate syrup for a longer duration.

So it is mandatory to check the expiry date and consume it only if the texture, taste, and smell of chocolate syrup are normal.

What are the Alternatives to Chocolate Syrup if it has gone bad? 

If you want the goodness of chocolate, but your chocolate syrup is showing signs of degradation, you can use the following alternatives:

  • Nutella
  • Maple Syrup
  • Molasses
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Honey

FAQs About Chocolate Syrup

How long can you eat expired Chocolate Syrup?

Generally, chocolate syrup is good for a year or two post its packaging date. The best by the date mentioned on its packaging denotes how long it stays fresh and keeps its flavors intact.

You can surely consume it even if there is no change in color, texture, or taste of chocolate syrup. So give it a try before adding it to your favorite scoop of ice cream or milkshake.


Should you refrigerate unopened chocolate syrup?

Yes, refrigerating even an unopened bottle of chocolate syrup would increase its shelf life. It prevents oxidation inside the chocolate syrup bottle and keeps its flavors intact for a longer duration.


Can expired Chocolate Syrup make you sick?

While there is no specific evidence of expired or spoiled chocolate syrup causing diarrhea, doctors do not recommend its consumption, especially if you are a sensitive person.

As with any other edible, spoiled chocolate syrup contains bacteria that are harmful to health. So make sure you avoid consuming spoiled chocolate syrup.


Can freezing chocolate syrup decrease its quality?

This largely depends on the type of chocolate syrup you own. The homemade chocolate syrup will likely last longer than in a refrigerator. The store-bought chocolate syrup will tend to change its consistency, texture, and flavors once frozen.

But adding it to the boiler and letting it melt can give you some amount of flavors you are craving. The choice will largely be yours if to refrigerate it or store it in a freezer.

Does Hershey’s chocolate syrup go bad if not refrigerated? 

Hershey’s chocolate syrup will not go bad on the kitchen counter if it is properly sealed. But refrigerating it is always considered to be a safer option.

Why does my chocolate syrup crystallize?

The high presence of sugar is to be blamed for your crystallized chocolate syrup. This is more common with homemade chocolate syrup.

Does chocolate syrup go bad if left out overnight? 

Since chocolate syrup is meant to be refrigerated, it must not be kept out overnight. A few hours is fine, but anything more than that will affect the quality and taste.

Final Notes on Chocolate Syrup

It won’t be a bad idea to get yourself a larger bottle of chocolate syrup after all that you know about it now. Depending on your consumption, make sure you store it right.

If you have an opened bottle of chocolate syrup, store it in a refrigerator. Keep it away from the door as the fluctuating temperature can accelerate its spoilage. It will last around one or two years when stored appropriately.

The unopened bottle of chocolate syrup can be stored in a kitchen cabinet or a pantry. You need to ensure it is kept away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry, and dark place.

The homemade chocolate syrup needs to be refrigerated and won’t last more than three to four.

Just make sure you discard it even if you notice a slight change in color, texture, or flavors. Accumulation of molds in the chocolate syrup can also be dangerous to health so make sure you discard it immediately.

So dig into your favorite dessert with chocolate syrup containing anytime and whenever you want. Happy deserting!!!

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