Does Kraft cheese powder go bad? How long it lasts, how to store and more.

How long does Kraft cheese powder last

Kraft cheese powder can easily be a person’s favorite. Sprinkle it, make it into a sauce or do whatever you wish with it, and it will never disappoint you.

Here is a complete guide that is full of information about the longevity, expiry, and storage of Kraft Cheese Powder. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


How long does Kraft cheese powder last?


Even if it is cheese powder or any other kind of edible powder product, any product in a powder consistency has an increased shelf-life. Perishable foods can go bad sooner, but shelf-stable meals like Kraft cheese powder are more flexible.

Kraft cheese powder is largely dependent on the way it is stored. If stored in a cool and dry place, it can last for years. It can stay in its original form for at least two years at normal room temperature. 

To maximize the shelf-life of Kraft cheese powder, it is recommended to stay tightly packed at all times.

The expiration dates do not matter when it comes to Kraft cheese powder. The unopened batch of Kraft cheese powder can be eaten up to a year or two beyond its expiration date.

Since all kinds of powdered cheese, including Kraft cheese powder, have at least a shelf life of 10 to 15 years, you will consume it long before it goes bad.


How to tell if Kraft cheese powder has gone bad? 

How to tell if Kraft cheese powder has gone bad 

Just like everything else, Kraft cheese powder can also go bad. However, even if the Kraft cheese powder has reached its date of expiry or has gotten a bit stale, it is safe to eat it.

Due to the preservation technique used for making Kraft cheese powder, it usually goes far beyond its expiration date. That is especially the case when the box of Kraft cheese powder has not been opened yet.

It is not easy to detect if Kraft cheese powder has gone bad. Referring to its long shelf life, even if Kraft cheese powder has gone bad, it still won’t taste a lot different.

The expiry date is not supposed to determine its inedibility but its freshness. Even long after the expiry of Kraft cheese powder, the maximum difference that you can figure out is the loss of taste and smell. 

Also, when it comes to fresh food or fresh pasta, it gets bad faster than dried-up ingredients.

It’s always a good idea to check before consuming something. Before you decide to use that Kraft cheese powder in your food, make sure you recheck it. If you see any signs of broken feel or damage, the chances are that the moisture might have seeped in.

Even if you don’t find any mold or moisture in the Kraft cheese powder, don’t keep it for too long. Kraft cheese powder can grow mold or cause fungal formation, turning unpleasant.

It is always good to check the Kraft cheese powder for bugs, organic growth, or unusual colors before you decide to eat it. It is always better to get yourself a new batch rather than consume something which is a degraded version.


What happens if you eat expired Kraft cheese powder?

What happens if you eat expired Kraft cheese powder

Consuming expired Kraft cheese powder is not something to be worried about. Since it is a dehydrated food product, it has a long shelf life. Kraft cheese powder is good to consume even after a year or two.

There is no need to panic about food poisoning after consuming an expired pack of Kraft cheese powder. Even after it expires, there will be little to no change in the quality of Kraft cheese powder.

These dates are mentioned on the packaging to review how fresh the product has been. It doesn’t mean that the Kraft cheese powder becomes inedible after that.

Nonetheless, always check before consuming anything, even while having Kraft cheese powder. The chances are that if you have used your Kraft cheese powder and it has been kept open, you might find some moisture or mold.

If you find any moisture or mold, or it smells funny, get yourself a new batch and don’t cling to this one. If the kraft cheese powder doesn’t have any moisture or mold, it can be consumed well after its prescribed shelf life, even to perhaps three years.

Nevertheless, you should not worry much about consuming expired Kraft cheese powder since it will not harm you. Unless you use it with Mac and cheese and then decide to store it, any visible difference in food quality can cause food poisoning.


Eating anything that is past its expiry date can cause problems. It is always best to consume a product that is fresh and is close to the manufacturing date.


Can you freeze Kraft cheese powder?

Indeed you can! You can freeze anything that you want. It won’t necessarily increase or decrease its shelf life when it comes to freezing Kraft cheese powder, but if you decide to freeze it, you can.

Refrigeration can extend the shelf life of Kraft cheese powder. However, the humidity level in the refrigerator can cause the Kraft cheese powder to clump or become mold-like.

When you decide to refrigerate or freeze it, it is always better to check that the Kraft cheese powder has been sealed properly. If not, the humidity can cause moisture to seep inside the box.

After you use Kraft cheese powder in Mac and cheese, freezing it can increase its shelf life. Although, after you defrost, the chances are that it won’t taste the same again.

So whether you choose to freeze Kraft cheese powder or not, you won’t find a lot of taste changes until it is pre-cooked.


Cooked/Uncooked Kraft cheese powder Can/cannot be frozen Visible changes
Uncooked Kraft cheese powder Can be frozen No visible changes
Cooked Kraft cheese powder Should not be frozen Loses its flavor

What is the best way to store Kraft cheese powder?

Since Kraft cheese powder is already dehydrated, storing it at room temperature is the best option. If the Krafts powder is kept at room temperature, it can be good to consume for about 10 to 15 years.

Open Kraft cheese powder should be stored in tightly packed containers so that moisture doesn’t ruin it. It makes no difference whether it is opened or not.  Although, when it is open, you have to be more cautious in storing it.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)-


How do you use Kraft cheese powder?

There is no obligation to how you use Kraft cheese powder. Preparing a sauce of Kraft cheese powder and using it in Mac and cheese is the traditional idea.

You can use that sauce as a dip or even in rolls. You can sprinkle Kraft cheese powder on popcorn or even your favorite unsalted crackers.


Is Kraft powdered cheese real cheese?

Kraft makes their cheese and blends the cheese along with different ingredients as per your cheese sauce preference.

After which, sodium phosphate is added to it in a small amount. Then a food dehydrator is used to power up the cheese and increase its shelf life.


The bottom line-

Kraft cheese powder is great for people who like to visit the grocery store once and get everything they need. Since it is compatible with long shelf life, you don’t have to bother about it much.

Kraft cheese powder provides a completely different taste and flavor to your Mac and cheese or any other thing that you decide to put it in. Now that you know everything related to Kraft cheese powder, grab yours soon.

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